• Forensic Technology Solutions

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Forensic Technology Solutions - Digital Forensics experts

Solving data challenges related to operations, investigations and litigation

Data is everywhere, posing both risk and reward for business. The ability to search, collect, preserve, analyse and use data requires skilled people using leading technology. It’s a highly specialised area BDO knows a lot about.

BDO’s Forensic Technology Services leverage proven methodologies, and innovative and proprietary technology to evaluate and analyse data according to your needs. We can help you:

  • Collect and preserve evidence from electronic devices including computers and mobile phones
  • Analyse electronic information including internet browsing and email use
  • Search live and deleted files based on keywords and/or concepts
  • Help prepare a document review environment and analyse content in its native format
  • Appear in court as expert witnesses.

Highly specialised forensic software and security

We’re experienced in using industry leading forensic software and hardware including EnCase, Xways Forensics, NUIX, Intella, Cellebrite, Micro Systemation and Tableau devices. All exhibits and information are stored in a dedicated and secure forensic laboratory, only accessible by authorised personnel. This ensures all evidence obtained by BDO’s Forensics team will meet evidence requirements to be admissible as part of any judicial process.

Mobile phone forensics 

Mobile phones are crucial sources of data for investigations. We can download all data from a mobile phone in a number of different, easy-to-interpret formats and a forensically-sound manner, ready to be accepted by judicial courts worldwide. We can also help retrieve information from other personal devices, including GPS and MP3.

Digital forensics support services 

All of our digital forensics procedures follow strict compliance rules to ensure that data is not compromised during our acquisition processes. We can also assist with:

  • Hard drive sanitisation
  • Data recovery
  • Password recovery and cracking
  • Data backup.