Forensic Technology

Information technology systems are ubiquitous and data is everywhere, posing both risk and reward for businesses. The ability to search, collect, preserve, analyse and use data requires skilled people using leading technology. It's a highly specialised area, requiring specialist knowledge and expertise.

BDO's Forensic Technology team are electronic evidence specialists leveraging proven methodologies, and innovative and proprietary technology to evaluate and analyse data according to your needs.

How BDO can help

We help you solve your data challenges by:

  • Collecting and preserving evidence from electronic devices including the cloud, IT networks and servers, computers and mobile phones and other smart devices
  • Analysing electronic artefacts including user and device activity
  • Searching live and deleted files based on keywords and/or analytical concepts
  • Providing a choice of document review environments and facilitate the search, filtering, analysis and review of content in its native format
  • Providing expert witness testimony.

Highly specialised forensic software and security

Identify, protect and separate with tech-driven intelligence

At BDO, our accredited team use industry-leading forensic software and hardware to ensure we remain at the forefront of technological development and evolution.

All exhibits and information are stored in a dedicated and secure forensic laboratory, only accessible by authorised personnel. This ensures all evidence obtained by BDO's Forensic Services team will meet the requirements to be admissible as part of any judicial process.

Managed Discovery Services

BDO can assist by streamlining the discovery processes, providing a choice of industry leading platforms and managing as much or as little support as needed. Additionally our forensic technology team harnesses smarts such as concept clustering and social network analysis for optimal efficiency.

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Cyber Incident Investigation & Remediation

Our team is experienced in investigating and remediating cyber incidents across corporate and public sectors, including sensitive data breach activity in state and federal governments.

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Computer Forensic Investigations and Digital Forensic Independent Expert Services

BDO matches the latest technology with industry-leading expertise in the collection, preservation and analysis of electronic evidence.

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Defensible Data Separation

Rarely are Information Technology (IT) systems and data perfectly organised to allow clean and compliant separation of information without any further remediation.

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