Defensible Data Separation

Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) and Commercially Sensitive Information (CSI) is critical to successful business continuity. When the context of an acquisition or divestment is one of high scrutiny by a legal or regulatory framework, a robust and granular auditable and accountable data separation process is warranted.

Rarely are Information Technology (IT) systems and data perfectly organised to allow clean separation of information without any further remediation.

How BDO can help

At BDO we provide a framework that aligns your business, legal, technology and operational needs with the creation, use and management of data and information; while ensuring the theoretical framework can be practically implemented across the business.

Information governance post-merger or divestment

Information governance becomes critical during a divestment. We help your organisation to mitigate the risks your organisation may experience during the post-merger phase in regards to information governance, including:

  • Ensuring expectations between stakeholders are aligned, including legal and regulatory compliance obligations
  • Assisting with the communication phase of the operational details regarding data across IT systems between stakeholders
  • Ensuring timelines and deadlines are met
  • Managing business disruption and data security.

BDO assists clients with defensible separation and deletion of records, including unstructured data assets, in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements to maintain high standards of information governance in post-merger or divestment implementation scenarios.

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