Computer Forensic Investigations & Digital Forensic Independent Expert Services

BDO's Forensic Technology team consists of accredited electronic evidence specialists who leverage proven methodologies, combined with innovative and proprietary technology to evaluate and analyse evidentiary artefacts across a multitude of operating systems and infrastructure environments.

BDO matches the latest technology with industry-leading expertise in the collection, preservation and analysis of electronic evidence, backed by court recognised expert testimony if required.

How BDO can help

Our Digital Forensic Independent Expert Services can assist you to safeguard data assets, uncover details about a chronology of events hidden in the deep layers of operating system files, and find out what happened to your Intellectual Property.

In the context of investigations, compliance (such as the Standard AS8001:2021 Fraud and Corruption Control) or ongoing litigation, our specialists understand the practical nature of the underlying issues while adhering to evidentiary compliance protocols.

Our professionals have experience working under the pressures of evidentiary situations, while retaining their composure during cross-examination in the witness box.

Whether it is an IP dispute, misuse of information technology systems, unauthorised activity or other workplace or compliance issue, our team of professionals provide a fully integrated service that combines the right people, skills and experience, backed by a high-performing IT stack, proven global methodology and a secure laboratory environment.

Intellectual property investigations

Protecting IP and commercially sensitive information is critical to successful business continuity. This information is highly valuable, and is therefore an attractive target for malicious actors. These actors could include former employees, other organisations, stakeholders of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals or cyber criminals. In today’s interconnected world, there is a plethora of ways in which information can be exfiltrated.

In circumstances where IP and commercially sensitive information is at risk or may have been taken, immediate action should be taken to preserve volatile electronic evidence.

Digital forensic experts

At BDO, our team of digital forensic experts combine a wealth of experience in law enforcement, legal, information technology, technical coding and commercial sectors to support our clients. No matter how complex the issue is, BDO's accredited technology specialists will provide pragmatic advice, guidance and support in reaching a tailored solution for you.

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