Cyber Incident Investigation & Remediation

Technology is heavily integrated into almost every facet of the modern business environment. Increasing connectivity brings new opportunities, but also increases the potential risks, as evident by daily media reports about cyber-attacks accumulating.

How BDO can help

Our practice has seen a large uptick of cyber related attacks. There has been an increase in both the volume of matters and the associated value of losses incurred by targeted organisations. The backend of malicious cyber operations seems to have further professionalised, with RaaS (Ransomware-as-a-Service) providers now actively marketing their services. In addition, Man-In-The-Middle email - where attackers send what appears to be a legitimate email to intercept and gain access to sensitive data - remains a lucrative way to exfiltrate information or steal money from organisations.

If this happens to your organisation, you want to know who to call in immediately to help you manage the situation. Cyber incidents happen to everyone, yet how well your organisation responds to a cyber incident has significant operational, financial and reputational implications.

Investigating a cyber-attack

Our team is experienced in investigating and remediating cyber incidents across corporate and public sectors, including sensitive data breach activity in state and federal governments. We have provided professional services to both local and global clients, leveraging international networks and contacts to ensure the best possible results. We regularly work with insurance providers, liaise with law enforcement and legal 'breach coach' teams, helping clients address security, compliance and privacy obligations.

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