Retail insights: Fashion and beauty report 2024

Retail insights: Fashion and beauty report 2024

BDO is proud to partner with Ragtrader on the latest Fashion & Beauty Report 2024. This report shares critical knowledge and trends for retailers seeking to stay ahead of the evolving fashion and beauty landscape in 2024 and beyond.

Key insights from the report

In the face of a volatile retail environment, Salim Biskri, National Leader Retail, discusses the imperative of crafting innovative strategies to sustain customer loyalty. You’ll learn about industry dynamics as Dr Eloise Zoppos, Director of Monash Business School’s Australian Consumer and Retail Studies, outlines the dual aspects of potential growth and the challenges that fashion and beauty retailers confront.

Latest trends

  • Customer Engagement: Innovative strategies are crucial for retaining consumer interest.
  • Market Dynamics: Emerging customer segments are reshaping the industry.
  • Sales Trends: Contrasts between beauty and fashion segments highlight the need for tailored approaches.

Key contributors

The report features contributions from experienced industry figures, including Michele Levine of Roy Morgan and Paul Zahra of the Australian Retailers Association, who provide their perspectives on the divergent trends in sales. Insights from Alicia Shoolman of David Jones and Annabel Talbot of Myer shed light on strategic manoeuvres within the beauty sector. A roundtable discussion featuring voices from By Rosie Jane and Bondi Sands offers a window into the evolving market dynamics.


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