Family Clean

Family Clean is a highly selective placement agency with a singular focus on long-term dependable appointments, where home assistants and cleaners become ‘like family’. 

Family Clean are service innovators, who embrace technology to maximise effortless engagement with just the right measure of human warmth. 

The Family Clean team comprises of a wide community of long-term, dependable cleaners and home assistants, who are empowered to offer a highly personalised service that anticipates each individual clients’ needs. 

Joey Jongejan, Co-Founder of Family Clean, started cleaning properties more than 28 years ago, and today the business is using his hands-on experience to flip cleaning on its head, creating the dream work-life experience for their clients and their cleaners.

With growth plans in sight, Joey and Co-Founder Rowena Jongejan, sought an adviser who understood the Family Clean values, and its passion for exceptional service delivery. BDO’s Business Services team, led by Associate Director Suzy Munt, guided Joey and Rowena through evolving and simplifying their business processes in preparation for larger scale workloads, and introduced tools to help focus on sustainability through periods of uncertainty, and to highlight the most valuable relationships for the organisation.

“BDO has been fantastic during this time of change, communicating what was happening in the marketplace, delving into the decision-making process, and ensuring our best interests were front of mind. Thanks to BDO, we are now a much better organisation,” explained Joey. “Our clients trust the Family Clean brand in their homes, and we put our trust in BDO to guide the future success of our business.”

Looking to the future, Family Clean’s leadership team plan to stay very close to its audience.  To continue optimising technology to serve and maximise value and experience, to make the biggest impact in the most neighbourhoods across Australia. 

If you would like to learn about optimising your business processes, contact your local adviser today.

What I found most valuable is the culture of BDO; they listen so they can better understand our business. They are not afraid to offer advice and I see a culture of thinkers. I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to BDO, and I'm looking forward to the future and how we can grow together.