Royal Flying Doctor Service

Established in Queensland in 1928 by the Reverend John Flynn, the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) (RFDS) has been facilitating care in regional and remote Australia for more than 92 years.

In addition to providing 24/7 aeromedical retrievals of critically ill or injured patients, the RFDS delivers a range of essential primary and preventative healthcare services including mental health and chronic disease management to regional and rural communities. The RFDS treats, on average, 250 patients a day in Queensland alone, delivering more than 370,000 episodes of patient care across Australia every year.

Since joining the RFDS in Queensland as CEO over two years ago, Meredith Staib, describes Mark Cushing and BDO’s Consulting team as responsive and passionate both in their work, and support, of the not-for-profit (NFP) sector. With a relationship reaching beyond this time, BDO has been instrumental in delivering a number of key projects for RFDS including an essential ten-year digital strategy improving the quality of service the RFDS delivers to rural and remote communities.

Further to this, a collaborative effort between BDO’s Advisory and Corporate Finance teams provided socio-economic modelling for the RFDS, measuring RFDS’s contribution to Queensland jobs, both directly and indirectly and ultimately identified the $132.50 million per year contribution the not-for-profit has made to the Queensland economy. This socio-economic modelling of RFDS’s services demonstrates its value for regional patients, communities and the Australian economy. This reconfirmed the RFDS’s position as one of the largest aeromedical organisations in the world.

Our partnership with BDO is one very much built on trust and genuine care for what we do and what we stand for in the community.