• Reflections Holiday Parks

    Maximising value from data with Parki business intelligence

Case Study:

Reflections Holiday Parks

04 June 2021

Angus Strachan, Director, Business Services |

Reflections Holiday Parks operate some 37 tourist parks across New South Wales, all situated uniquely on NSW Crown Land.

Reflections consider themselves caretakers of these exceptional natural assets and have a focus on creating unforgettable experiences for visitors to access and enjoy them.

With so many sites to manage from their head office in Newcastle, and a broad demographic of customers, information gathering and interpretation was time consuming and not always accurate.

Isaac Harris, Reflections Executive Manager - Finance says “there is limited value in information systems with data that is inaccurate and isolated from other primary information sources, such as a Finance system. You need to know who your customers are and how they spend, including frequency by location/region. If you don't know who your customers are, then it is hard to build a sustainable business.”

BDO had previously completed business advisory work for Reflections, delivering business improvement and review services as well as both internal and external benchmarking reports.

When they were looking for a solution to their information systems, the CEO at the time, knew that BDO’s Tourist Park team could deliver what they needed.

The solution was Parki – BDO’s business intelligence tool. “We use Parki to consolidate our systems and gain maximum value from our data. It saves us significant time in not only collating and interpreting our data, but in the maintenance of systems - which is highly valuable to our business” says Isaac Harris.

Information from cloud-based systems, Google's Website Analytics, Facebook, Instagram and payroll is merged to present detailed insights on tourist park business performance.

“This compliments the information we receive from our financial institution data platform, polls and benchmarking reports from customers to inform our decision making at every level of the business” says Isaac.

Parki has allowed Reflections to tailor log-ins for approximately 60 staff, providing access and information that is most relevant to their role – from complete oversight for executive staff to individual park data for site managers.

These staff have the right information available, at the right time, to make better decisions that are backed by accurate ‘whole picture’ data.

Reflections is now one of Parki’s largest and most frequent user groups – empowering staff by providing a tool they can use to access information themselves, helping to steer the direction of individual parks and the business as a whole.

Isaac’s advice for other tourist park operators is: “Know your customers and systems inside and out, and find the right information partners for your business needs – the benefit to you and your customers will be invaluable.”

Visit parki.cloud or contact a member of our Tourist Park Team to find out more about business intelligence for your tourist park.