Governance & Risk Management Planning

Having a good corporate governance framework in place is vital for risk management planning, workplace behaviour, and ethical decision making. Governance policies help the business to demonstrate good corporate citizenship through the actions of management and staff, and their interactions with other stakeholders of the business.

Without such a framework, corners may be cut, potentially leaving the business vulnerable to complacency, financial strain, and unwanted legal disputes.

How BDO can help

Our team of advisers can help you to:

  • Review the management decision making and reporting framework
  • Review the composition, skills and experience of the Board, relative to the strategic direction
  • Identify gaps in governance policies
  • Develop a risk management and reporting framework
  • Prepare crisis management, disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

Talk to a BDO adviser today to find out how you can manage risk and set a framework for future growth through your governance model.

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