Global Expatriate Tax Services

Assistance with the changing world of expatriate taxation

It isn’t easy to balance talent management strategies with the additional costs that come with an ever-increasing globally mobile labour force. Extended business trips, short- and long-term assignments, and transfers to-and-from Australia all add to an increase in the employer’s tax burden. There are also other considerations for international employees, such as superannuation/pensions, and social security compliance and planning.

In a tight labour market, specialist assistance from advisers who understand these complex expat labour force challenges will help support your international employees with tax planning and compliance obligations. It will also ensure your company's compliance and save considerable time and costs, leaving you to focus on other operational priorities in a challenging business environment. 

How BDO can help

BDO’s Global Expatriate Tax specialists offer a range of expatriate tax services, including:

  • Personal consultations with international employees to explain the tax,  superannuation/pension and social security implications of their move
  • Structuring of remuneration packages
  • Preparation of assignment cost projections
  • Drafting international assignment tax policies and associated calculations
  • Tax return preparation and compliance services in home and host countries
  • Advice on international social security, superannuation and pension contributions
  • Advice on cross border Employee Share Scheme issues
  • Employer obligations in home and host countries for tax withholding, superannuation/pension, social security, payroll tax and workers’ compensation.

Expatriate and mobile employees also give rise to wider considerations for themselves and their employers. BDO’s specialists provide tailored advice and services across related areas such as:

Coming to Australia – tax guide

Moving to Australia, whether on a temporary or permanent basis is a fantastic opportunity to do a ‘stocktake’ of where you are at and work out where you want to be (both in the short and long term) and how to get there. We have helped people with similar transitions, and have the skills and experience to help you make the transition as smooth as possible. To help you understand all you need to know, we’ve created a ‘Coming to Australia – tax guide’.

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