• International Trade, Customs and Excise Opportunities

    Utilise International Trade opportunities and initiatives.


BDO can assist clients with utilising opportunities and navigating challenges in International Trade, Customs and Excise, including identifying new programs and initiatives, applying for Government grants and recognising the impact of changes in domestic and global International Trade law.

Successful execution and realisation of the benefits of new initiatives and mitigation of the risks and costs associated with a constantly changing global International Trade landscape can assist Australian businesses to evolve, grown and operate efficiently both at home and across our borders.

The Australian Trusted Trader Program

The Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) Program is a voluntary trade facilitation program designed to provide preferential treatment to international businesses known as ‘trusted traders’, who meet or exceed trade compliance and have sufficient supply chain security controls in place. Please download this brochure for more information and contact BDO for a detailed discussion on what ATT can do for your business.


The Known Consignor Scheme

The Government has introduced the Known Consignor scheme to add an additional layer of verification regarding the contents of cargo exported by air transport. From 1 March 2019, all air cargo being transported overseas from Australia will need to be examined at piece-level (box, carton, other similar item) by technology or physically, or originate from a Known Consigner. As a result, all air cargo will be subject to additional cost and delay. For more information download the Known Consignor flyer and contact BDO for a detailed discussion on how your business can prepare for Known Consignor.

Known Consignor Scheme flyer