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Trade Data Analyser - International Trade Analytics

BDO have developed a trade analytics tool - Trade Data Analyser – to assist clients with compliance, managing data and duty mitigation. 

Our tool helps us monitor, measure and analyse significant amounts of data gathered about our clients from multiple systems in just one, single data platform. This facilitates informed decision making, identifies cost-savings opportunities and addresses potential compliance weaknesses.

We can provide a customised duty analysis snapshot in which we distil statistics, strategies and savings equating to significant amounts of duty paid in some instances. We do this through the realisation of available duty reduction strategies and the pursuit of available Australian concessions.

Authorities are becoming more sophisticated in their use of analytics; hence businesses must take steps to proactively manage their compliance. BDO’s Trade Analytics Tool helps clients stay ahead. We use data from customs authorities as this is the data that is interrogated by the customs authorities themselves before commencing a review or an audit.

Watch this short video for a snapshot on how BDO Australia’s new Trade Data Analyser can assist you with your International Trade, Customs and Excise needs.

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