• International Trade

    Services to support international trade.


International Trade

Our International Trade experts can help deliver efficiency for your business, including:

  • Supply chain management – Identification and resolution of offshore ‘sticky’ taxes, including review of terms of trade, permanent establishment rules and presence, identification of favourable source countries for goods and cash flow management as well as eliminating delays, regulatory barriers and inefficiency in the supply chain.
  • Customs duty – maximisation of customs duty savings and offering the entire field of customs practice and procedure including the Enhanced Project By-Law Scheme, tariff concession orders, the Tradex Scheme, customs valuation, dumping and tariff preference.
  • Cross border operations advicecompliance with cross border trade and regulations and maintenance of efficient cross-border operations for strategic advantage, including mitigating risk issues related to conducting cross-border business as well as duty and compliance costs.
  • Trade facilitationadvice on preferential trading arrangements and customising trade processes and controls to a business unit, company, or industry.
  • Excise - Advising on all aspects of excise, including classification, refunds and remissions, fuel tax credits, warehousing, internal controls reporting, and compliance.
  • Trade Data Analytics – analysis of trade data using our specially developed trade analytics tool that facilitates informed decision making, identifies cost-savings opportunities and addresses potential compliance weaknesses.
  • International Trade programs – applicable for initiatives including the Australian Trusted Trader program, which offers preferential treatment and compliance incentives.