• Business Growth Program

Business Growth Program

Learn, implement, earn. Grow your business and get the results you want with our 12-month Business Growth Program.

This hands-on course takes you on a journey from setting strategic goals for your business, to building a 12-month financial strategy, and a 52-week cash management plan.

The program also guides you through building a digital marketing strategy, understanding leadership skills and communication styles to build a high-performance team, and finding greater operational efficiencies through technology solutions and systems.

The Business Growth Program is a business coaching program designed for astute business owners who are looking to invest in developing practical skills and strategies to take their businesses to the next level.

To find out more about this exclusive program:

  • Download the curriculum for details about each workshop topic and what participants will be able to implement in their business
  • Attend an information session to speak with one of the course facilitators. The next information session will take place on  March 31.



About the course facilitators

Operating a business is a process of continual improvement. Those people leading the business are always on the lookout for the next opportunity, and those supporting them are seeking new and innovative ways to be a part of the journey. At BDO we are proud to be able to guide both of these groups of people.

In partnership with our financial education partner, Acceler8, BDO offers a number of workshops and education programs designed especially for business leaders and staff who are wanting to take their business growth journey to the next level.

Who is Acceler8? Acceler8 is an agile business focused solely on delivering business growth education programs across Australia. The experienced Acceler8 team is driven to empower businesses with deeper knowledge of their numbers and improved financial literacy.

The result is the ability to make strategic business decisions based on a clear understanding of the business’s true financial position, instead of relying on ‘gut feel’ and how much money is in your bank account. The ability to do this creates empowered, confident business leaders who have a tailored plan for growth - and who achieve their goals. Acceler8 and BDO can show you how.