Family Enterprise

Balancing the needs of enterprising and high wealth families

What ambitions do you have for your family group or family business? You may have a family owned business that you’re looking to pass to the next generation, or a high-wealth family group which is navigating the complexities of wealth management and transition. Each family enterprise is unique in their goals, operations, relationships and requirements.

How BDO can help

Whatever your goals, our family enterprise advisers around Australia can help through a range of tailored, specialised services:

  • Family Business
  • Family Office
  • Estate Planning & Wills
  • Family Governance & Charters
  • Succession Planning.

Family Business Services

The unique dynamics of a family business can often present challenges not faced by other business models, including the impact of emotional ties, complex relationships and competing family and business demands. Our family business advisers understand the unique challenges faced by Australian families in business. We specialise in providing co-ordinated services to meet your specific needs, underpinned by a trusted relationship and expert advice.


Family Office Services

High-wealth families and family groups need expert, bespoke support to ensure the protection, growth and successful transition of the family wealth and assets to the next generation. Our family office advisers provide holistic solutions to single and multi-family offices, built on technical expertise and a deep understanding of your unique family circumstances and priorities.


The 4Ls of Family Business

When planning the path to succession, it can be helpful to consider the 4Ls approach taken in family business: learn business, learn OUR business, learn to lead and learn to let go. For each of these stages, there are education and leadership development milestones that can be applied in any business, not only those involving family succession.

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