Agribusiness Accelerator

Agribusiness Accelerator

When it comes to managing your agribusiness there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Achieving your goals, whatever they may be, requires a strong understanding of where your business is today and where you want it to be.

To help you plan a path to success, BDO’s Food & Agribusiness experts, in partnership with Agrihive have designed the Agribusiness Accelerator to give you a clear vision of your business today, and develop and implement a tailored plan for the future.

Partnering with experts in the industry

Agrihive is dedicated to empowering food farming and agribusinesses with the ability to truly understand their financial position. Through easy to understand financial visualisation, Agrihive allows farmers to identify their unique needs and assess their current operations in line with their goals. The tool has received strong industry support, with existing data relationships with the likes of Meat & Livestock Australia, Microsoft Excel, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Google Maps.  

How BDO can help

BDO and Agrihive’s Agribusiness Accelerator takes your family through an intensive diagnostic and planning program. We work directly with you and your family to identify where the business is now, where you want it to be, and how you can get there. Our joint team works with you every step of the way, giving you regular access to food & agribusiness experts when you need it most.

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Clear understanding

How we help
  • Bring the family together to gain a shared view of the business’s current position
  • Provide opportunities for the family to work on the business, not in the business
  • Identify areas where family views may not be aligned
  • Assess known issues and gain context for action taken to date
Tools we use
  • BDO’s Farming Family Business Diagnostic Questionnaire, available online for all family members to complete and inform the process
  • Agrihive

Unified vision

How we help
  • Ensure all family members understand the business, their role and steps forward
  • Provide opportunities for the family to work on the business, rather than in it
  • Give structure and process to family operations
  • Identify opportunities for the family to explore and implement
Tools we use
  • Action plan meeting with the family, facilitated by a BDO Food & Agribusiness specialist, to discuss questionnaire outcomes and develop a tailored, accountable action plan

Focused plan

How we help
  • Develop a business plan tailored to the unique needs of the business
  • Provide structure and process to the family’s operations
  • Keep family members accountable to their goals
Tools we use
  • BDO report on key findings from the questionnaire and action plan meeting
  • 12 months access to the Agrihive program for the family
  • Quarterly meetings during the course of the year to discuss status and determine action where needed

Financial insight

Agrihive’s industry leading financial education tool - used alongside the Agribusiness Accelerator - ensures you can quickly explore the financial elements of your business, from production data to family expenses, all in one secure, online location. The better you know and can communicate the financial status of your business, the easier it is to explore opportunities for growth or new strategic directions.

This tool gives you the information you need to get the most from the Agribusiness Accelerator and make fully informed decisions about how to improve the profitability of your business over the long term.

Agribusiness Accelerator Team

BDO’s Food & Agribusiness specialists cover a wide range of practice areas, including business advisory and planning, succession management, audit, risk advisory, and corporate finance. By working in partnership with Agrihive we ensure our advice is always contextualised with current industry insights and their potential impact on your business.

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