Athletes & Sports

Athletes and sports

Our sports advisory services team understands the sporting landscape first-hand. We have extensive knowledge and experience in supporting athletes, sports organisations and the people behind them.

Having worked with athletes, clubs and player representative associations from across Australia and overseas, we know the worlds of business and sport are intrinsically linked. Our team advises clients from a variety of professional sports including rugby league, AFL, rugby union, soccer, swimming, athletics, equestrian, golf, cricket, basketball, football and tennis, as well as the closely aligned gym, health and fitness businesses.  

Our international reach allows us to draw insights from organisations in other jurisdictions and understand how they manage emerging issues that impact both businesses and professional sportspeople. Similarly, our partnerships with key industry organisations offer unprecedented access to these emerging issues on a timely and relevant basis.

We are passionate about the sports sector and provide specialist and multi-disciplinary services tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We know that no two athletes or clubs are the same, which is why we get to know our clients and understand their long-term goals.

How BDO can help

Professional athletes

We understand that professional athletes are built differently. Driven, hardworking, focused, and calm in high pressure environments. We work with athletes at all stages of their sporting careers to ensure success on and off the field and remove the word ‘transition’ from their vocabulary.

We focus on the individual first by taking a whole person view of sport, life and business. Our approach to facilitating an athlete's drive for excellence is built on a framework which helps athletes to:

  • Better understand themselves in sport/life contexts
  • Make optimal career and life choices
  • Develop resources (e.g. performance and life skills)
  • Reduce unnecessary stress
  • Establish a proactive mindset
  • Improve business and financial acumen.

Our services can be customised to suit the individual needs of each athlete we work with. They include:

  • Financial planning - helping to build wealth and manage investment portfolios
  • Tax advice - guidance through international tax obligations
  • Career management - advice about salary packaging, redundancy strategies and financial contract decisions
  • Retirement - making the most of superannuation
  • Business services - business planning, budgeting and cashflow support for athlete owned businesses
  • Intellectual property - helping to protect personal brand image and provide tailored IP income advice.

Clubs, sporting organisations and venues 

The increased commercialisation and pressure to gain market share along with the rise of e-sports has created unique challenges and opportunities for key stakeholders in the sporting sector.

We help sporting organisations proactively manage the financial, business and reputational risks associated with their highly competitive operating environment. We tailor our services and advice to meet each business’ unique needs and challenges. Our sports advisory specialists can help you gear up to take advantage of the opportunities arising from the upcoming 2032 Olympic Games in Australia, and beyond.

Our range of services for sporting clubs and venues includes:

  • Audit and assurance
  • Governance and integrity advice
  • Risk advisory
  • IT strategy and cyber security
  • Fraud and forensic investigations
  • Salary cap reviews and monitoring
  • Matchday expense reviews
  • Data analytics
  • Sporting club tax exemptions and indirect tax advice
  • People advisory
  • Cash flow forecasting and budgeting.

Professional athlete tax checklist

Professional athletes have specific and common expenses that can make tax time complicated. Our specialist sporting industry advisers have prepared a practical and easy-to-use checklist.

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