BDO ASX listing guide: IPO handbook 2024

Listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is a rewarding yet challenging process for a company. For many entities, going public can represent the pinnacle in a company’s long history. For others, an IPO is the beginning of a new stage and catalyst for growth.

A listing brings prestige, exposure, financial reward and stakeholder engagement. However, going public can be a complex process, with additional reporting and regulatory requirements, increased scrutiny, drains on company time and resources, as well as a range of new stakeholders to manage and navigate. Effective planning and engaging the right advisers will ensure a successful process.

The best advice we can give is to seek advice early. Once the decision to list has been made, engaging a well-equipped team to help guide the listing process is essential. As a starting point, our team have put together this reference guide.

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About the guide:

In this guide, BDO’s team of experts outline some of the key points to consider in a company’s decision to list, including:

  • Is becoming a public company in line with the strategic objectives of management?
  • Does the company have the resources, internal processes and structure to successfully operate as a public company?
  •  Is the existing ownership and management engaged in the process?

Complying with the demands of being a public company requires commitment, time and resources across many aspects of an organisation.

This guide also outlines some of the key components for a successful ASX IPO including:

  • Appointing advisers
  • Understanding the due diligence process
  • Becoming a public company
  • Drafting the prospectus
  • Preparing and lodging a listing application
  • Verifying of the prospectus
  • Marketing the IPO
  • Offer period.

BDO has significant experience in the provision of IPO services, working on over 278 ASX IPOs since 2005, across a broad range of industries. We offer a full suite of financial services to those considering an ASX listing such as audit, tax and advisory, including independent accountant services. We are fully committed to helping our clients navigate through the listing process and beyond.

This guide will equip companies with a basic level of understanding of the IPO process in Australia and the associated regulatory environment. However, it should not be relied upon as a substitute for legal or financial advice.

If you would like guidance on listing on the ASX, contact our team today.