Digital transformation: Begin with cyber security in mind

This article was originally published 16 September 2020.

It is not uncommon for organisations to digitally transform processes and data without a strategic or proactive approach to data privacy and cyber security. With more people working from home, the transition from office-based network access to remote/home access has created unique capacity, operational and cyber security challenges.

Organisations who undergo digital transformations often make significant productivity gains, via increased speed and access to data, more rapid data analysis, and related data storage cost savings. However, many of these same organisations have encountered costly cyber attacks in the form of socially-engineered spear-phishing attacks, business email compromise or spoofing attacks, and/or ransomware attacks. This is a symptom of inadequate or reactive cyber security approaches during their digital transformation.

So, what exactly does it mean to begin an organisation’s digital project or transformation with cyber security in mind? Simply said, it means starting all digital project planning by asking the right cyber security questions up-front.

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How BDO can help

At BDO in Australia, our cyber security and risk teams collaborate closely to provide integrated cyber risk services across all levels of a client’s organisation and customised advice on preparing for cyber threats.

Our experts can help you understand the impact of business risks and ensure you make smart decisions about your organisation’s risk appetite.

By working with our risk team and your board, the BDO cyber security team can facilitate better understanding and communication between your organisation’s cyber security team and leaders. We can perform in-depth risk assessments that cover the whole cyber spectrum, including information technology and information and physical-systems security. From here, we guide the development of appropriate cyber resilience strategies to mitigate the risks to your organisation.

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