Let’s talk: 2023 - 2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy

Let’s talk: 2023 - 2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy

Australia is facing an increasing cyber threat, demanding swift action to counter rising cyber-attacks that pose risks to sensitive data and systems. Over the past 12 months, the Australian Government and industry have collaborated to define the necessary measures to enhance resilience in the evolving cyber risk landscape. The 2023-2030 Australia Cyber Security Strategy released on 22 November 2023 aims to build upon the foundations laid by this government and industry collaboration.

This strategy serves as the roadmap to realise the Australian Government's ambition of becoming a global leader in cyber security by 2030. It aims to enhance security, mitigate risks, and offer improved support to citizens and businesses through the framework of six cyber shields:

  1. Strong businesses and citizens: Fostering a secure and resilient environment by supporting small and medium businesses to strengthen their cyber security, increasing awareness and education programs on cyber to the general public, collaborating with industry to combat ransomware attacks, and making it easier for businesses and individuals to access advice and support after a cyber incident.
  2. Safe technology: Ensuring all Australians feel secure in a resilient digital economy by imposing baseline security standards for digital products and services and ensuring that our most sensitive data and systems are appropriately protected.
  3. World-class threat sharing and blocking: Providing Australian businesses access to real-time and actionable threat sharing data to support blocking cyber threats early.
  4. Protected critical infrastructure: Strengthening the resilience of infrastructure operators and government systems by enhancing the security of our most critical systems and proactively addressing vulnerabilities to improve our overall defence against cyber threats.
  5. Sovereign capabilities: Developing a skilled and diverse cyber workforce through educational programs, starting with basic cyber education in schools, investing in higher education in cyber and STEM fields, and promoting return-to-work programs for women and underrepresented groups.
  6. Resilient region and global leadership: Playing a leading role in improving our region’s ability to manage and recover from cyber incidents by strengthening collective resilience with neighbouring countries and collaborating with international partners to establish consistent cyber security rules and standards for the region.

Australia's Cyber Security Strategy represents a bold and ambitious response to evolving cyber challenges, recognising the need for proactive measures to secure the nation's digital landscape. We are ready to support our clients and communities and work together to build a more cyber-resilient Australia.

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