Preparing for 30 June: Dealership reporting considerations for GPFS

11 May 2022

Randall Bryson, Partner, Business Services |
Aletta Boshoff, Partner
National Leader, IFRS & Corporate Reporting
National Leader, ESG & Sustainability

In preparation for the upcoming GPFS reporting changes for dealerships, Aletta Boshoff and Randall Bryson outline the proposed changes and what these mean for financial years 30 June 2022 and beyond.

For reporting period from 1 July 2021 dealerships required to be audited and lodge financials statements with ASIC will be required to transition from special purpose financial statements to general-purpose financial statements which is a significant change from what Dealers have been accustomed to.

To navigate the General Purpose Financial Statements transition, there is a five step process to help avoid any unnecessary speed bumps in your GPFS transition journey.

Get GPFS (General Purpose Financial Statements) Ready

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