Listen to Yas’s passion as she describes how Circonomy aims to reduce wastage

How it all started 

Circonomy was born from a ‘humble garage sale’ organised to raise money for a breast cancer charity in 2013. Founder Yas Grigaliunas saw an opportunity to combat donor fatigue by facilitating the sale and repurposing of dormant goods commonly found in most homes.    

Since then, this idea has evolved into a social enterprise creating circular solutions for dormant and end of use goods, while providing jobs and opportunities to those in need.  

They are tackling the challenge of capturing the endless supply of dormant goods, renewing them and then finding new homes, uses and applications – rescuing them from a premature end of life in landfill. Circonomy brings together retailers, designers, craftspeople, and resource recovery organisations to connect the supply and demand sides of the resale market.  

The business facilitates sustainable purchases for individuals and companies with online and in-store options while providing business opportunities to solve commercial waste. Some of the critical partnerships they have already established include Officeworks and Wesfarmers.     

Circonomy’s purpose is to create a world without waste, including human potential. They’re looking to work with values aligned partners, that are committed to transitioning to a net-zero circular economy. 

Sustainability impact  

Sustainability is the heart of Circonomy – by trying to provide access to renewed and refurbished goods as easy and accessible as possible – a feasible alternative to purchasing new.

The business also reports on ESG “metrics that matter”. Yas indicates that the company has diverted approximately 4.3 million kgs* from landfill and has provided “over $2 million in societal value by providing employment opportunities to people that would otherwise be overlooked”.    

*Current number as of Feb 2023.

“It’s all about equity. And we look to support all abilities to provide valuable and viable employment opportunities to people. We're talking meaningful employment that shifts and changes people's perspectives of themselves, that you won't find in a daily or monthly report”.

Yas Grigaliunas, Founder & Chief Evangelist, Circonomy

Continuously improving sustainability

Now, more than ever, retailers face increasing stakeholder pressure to address sustainability. This global sustainability movement is becoming critical as part of a business’s social licence to trade, with companies that fail to act in this space risking potential impacts on their reputation, risk mitigation, market opportunities, culture and even value proposition.

Where is your organisation on its sustainability journey? Our new Sustainability activation checklist is designed to help guide retail organisations as they start their sustainability journey.


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