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Organisations world-wide are facing increasing pressure to demonstrate their commitment to long-term value creation when it comes to sustainability matters. A growing number of stakeholder groups are demanding greater transparency from companies across a broad range of issues, like climate change, modern slavery, employee health and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, and many more. Businesses that fail to act in this space risk potential impacts on their corporate reputation, risk mitigation, market opportunities, culture and even employee value proposition.

While there is currently no universally standardised format for sustainability reporting, organisations are choosing to measure and report on their identified sustainability risks, opportunities and performance.

How BDO can help

BDO can support your organisation with:

Sustainability strategy and consulting

No matter what stage you’re at in your sustainability journey, we can help to determine your ESG baseline and identify the opportunities to drive positive change for your organisation.

ESG reporting and assurance

We can assist your organisation to identify and implement reporting frameworks, integrated non-financial reporting, stakeholder communication and third-party assurance, in a way that best suits your needs.

ESG education and training

From our Sustainability learning hub and free ESG webinars, to Board education and tailored sustainability management programs, we can help to provide your people with the skills and education they need.

Implementation and continuous improvement

Whether you’re addressing your impacts on the planet, people or community, or looking to improve your governance systems, we can help to ensure your organisation continues to create sustainable value for your stakeholders.

Sustainability journey  

Any great journey starts with a plan. BDO’s Sustainability Integration Roadmap identifies five levels of ESG maturity for companies to aspire to. No matter where your organisation sits on the roadmap now, our people can support you as you evolve to the level that suits the needs and appetite of your organisation.

  • Activating - In this first stage, companies are considering the risks and opportunities in activating their sustainability agenda.
  • Compliant - These companies have sustainability initiatives in place, but only to respond to regulatory or stakeholder requirements.
  • Proactive - Proactive companies take a holistic approach to sustainability, thinking beyond what’s required by law and looking at potential value generation opportunities.
  • Strategic - Sustainability is embedded across most parts of the business with a focus on having a positive impact in their markets.
  • Purpose-driven - These companies use a lens of environmental, social and governance criteria across the entire business strategy, ensuring an innovative, purpose-led culture.

BDO's Sustainability integration roadmap
If you would like to know more about BDO’s sustainability services, please contact one of our sustainability experts.

Sustainability report 2023

BDO's Sustainability Report

Our 2023 Sustainability Report showcases the issues and initiatives we worked on across the financial year under the pillars of people, planet, prosperity and principles of governance, highlighting the shifts and changes we’ve made since publishing our first report in 2022. 

Through 2023, we focused on refining processes. As we strive to progress our sustainability journey, we are ensuring we have robust, consistent processes that allow us to better measure and openly report on metrics that are important to us and play a critical role in our sustainability story.

We know we have more to do, and we’re committed to furthering our contribution to the advancement of society, the transparency of business, the protection of the planet, and to support of our people.


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