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An holistic and integrated approach to enable a sustainable future

Now more than ever, organisations face increasing pressure from stakeholders to address various sustainability matters. Driven by the demands of capital markets, communities, customers and governments, organisations are required to assess their risks and communicate their impact, particularly when it comes to environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters.

With international sustainability standards developing at pace and regulations increasing in jurisdictions worldwide, sustainability is an increasingly critical component in a business's social licence to trade. Organisations that fail to act in this space risk potential impacts to their corporate reputation, risk mitigation, market opportunities, culture and even employee value proposition.

How BDO can help

No matter where you're starting your sustainability journey, BDO's national team of experts are here to guide you through the complex landscape and help you succeed, our sustainability experts can help you with:

  • Carbon accounting
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Sustainability & decarbonisation strategy
  • Sustainability assurance.

Meeting stakeholder expectations

Growing numbers of stakeholder groups are demanding greater transparency across a broad range of issues, from climate change to modern slavery, employee health and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, and much more. For humanitarian and business reasons, organisations must act now and embrace the benefits of focusing on sustainability. 

We approach sustainability through the universally recognised ESG framework, helping us to unpack and categorise the wide-ranging risks and metrics. Everything we do at BDO is viewed through a sustainability lens to ensure that we implement and embed sustainability principles as both a global initiative and a business imperative. At the same time, our sustainability experts also support our clients on their sustainability journeys. 

What are the ESG factors?

While there is no universal standardisation of ESG matters, there are some common factors that businesses tend to acknowledge. ESG factors can also be interlinked and may cross into more than one of the environmental, social, or governance buckets. From managing carbon emissions to diversity and inclusion or modern slavery reporting, here are some examples of the ESG factors that might be important to your strategy and stakeholders:

Sustainability ESG

ESG: Environment icon


  • Climate change/carbon emissions
  • Land use/ecological sensitivity
  • Air/water pollution
  • Biodiversity/deforestation
  • Waste recycling and re-use
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water management
  • Fresh water availability.
ESG: Social Icon


  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Employee engagement
  • Human rights and modern slavery 
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Health, safety and wellness
  • Community engagement
  • First Nations engagement
  • Wealth creation and employment.
ESG: Governance Icon


  • Governing purpose
  • Board composition
  • Ethical behaviour
  • Cyber security
  • Data protection/privacy
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Risk and opportunity oversight
  • Remuneration and executive compensation.

Carbon Accounting

We support organisations in measuring the greenhouse gas emissions they produce throughout their operations and supply chain.


Sustainability Reporting

We assist organisations in identifying and implementing reporting frameworks or integrated reporting requirements to meet stakeholder and regulatory needs.


Sustainability Strategy

From addressing the impacts on the planet, people or community or looking to improve governance systems, we help to ensure organisations continue to create sustainable value for stakeholders.


Sustainability Assurance

Demand for sustainability disclosure and the need for reliable and accurate information are increasing. We improve the credibility of the sustainability disclosures and the quality of reporting.

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TCFD Checklist

Between increasing stakeholder demands for transparency in sustainability reporting, a global commitment to reducing emissions, and greater regulatory interest in climate-related disclosures, adoption of the TCFD framework has been increasing in Australia and around the world since its inception in 2017.

We've prepared a consolidated checklist incorporating the recommended disclosures and 'guidance for all sectors' across the four core elements to help organisations as they embark on TCFD reporting.

BDO's Sustainability Report

Our Sustainability Report showcases the issues and initiatives we worked on across the financial year under the pillars of people, planet, prosperity and principles of governance, highlighting the shifts and changes we’ve made since publishing our first report in 2022.

As we strive to progress our sustainability journey, we are ensuring we have robust, consistent processes that allow us to better measure and openly report on metrics that are important to us and play a critical role in our sustainability story.

We know we have more to do, and we’re committed to furthering our contribution to the advancement of society, the transparency of business, the protection of the planet, and to support of our people.

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Meet our National Leaders

Aletta Boshoff

Aletta Boshoff

Partner, Advisory
National Leader, IFRS & Corporate Reporting
National Leader, Sustainability
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Sherif Andrawes

Sherif Andrawes

Global Head of Natural Resources
National Co-Leader, Sustainability
Partner, Corporate Finance & Deal Advisory
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Meet our team

Aletta Boshoff

Aletta Boshoff

Partner, Advisory
National Leader, IFRS & Corporate Reporting
National Leader, Sustainability
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Sherif Andrawes

Sherif Andrawes

Global Head of Natural Resources
National Co-Leader, Sustainability
Partner, Corporate Finance & Deal Advisory
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