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Advisory services for large private companies

For a large private business, a business strategy is the roadmap to future success. Just as important is whether or not your leadership and managers agree the roadmap for the future. Making the effort to regularly review your business strategy and ensure alignment across all necessary elements of your operations could be the best time you spend ‘on’ your business.

BDO can work with you to review your strategic position, develop a course of action and put in place a framework for execution. At all times, our focus is on understanding your business goals and achieving strategic success.

Services we use to assist in this process include:

  • Clarifying shareholder and stakeholder expectations
  • Business conditions and market analysis
  • Scenario planning
  • Financial and business analysis
  • Forecasting.

Your workforce is your biggest asset and engaging your workforce is critical for business success. But are you confident you’ve got the right people, with the right skills, in the right roles, making the right decisions to help you achieve your business objectives?

In large businesses, taking a strategic approach to human resource management helps you:

  • Design an organisational structure that supports the strategy
  • Address capability gaps in leadership and management teams
  • Find and develop talent to help the business grow
  • Identify opportunities to outsource business functions
  • Incentivise and reward high performance
  • Maximise workforce engagement and enthusiasm for the business.

Taking this a step further and linking human resource metrics with key business drivers can help you take your workforce decision making to the next level. At BDO we combine a strategic approach to human resource management with our workforce analytics and insights capability. We can help you with:

  • Human capital strategies
  • Organisation structure design
  • Outsourcing solutions
  • Workforce planning
  • Remuneration and rewards
  • Leadership and succession planning
  • Operational human resources matters
  • Human resources function design and operation.

Contact a BDO adviser today to find out how to improve the productivity of your workforce.

Streamlining your business processes and addressing any existing inefficiencies can deliver significant cost savings. While it sounds easy enough, optimising your business processes can be a challenge – particularly when it requires people to change ingrained routines and habits.

Our business process management and improvement services are designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of a business. BDO can work with you on:

  • Finance function reviews
  • Business process re-engineering and optimisation
  • Productivity reviews
  • Technology and process automation.

We can help you manage any change to ensure your people own and are actively involved in the new processes. Call us today to learn more.

Growing a business in a highly competitive business environment can be challenging. Whether your objective is to expand into new markets (domestically or offshore), introduce new products or launch a new business, you must have a clear business case and plan for attracting investment and finance.

Access to capital is often a barrier to growth and expansion. If your business is not appealing to potential investors – from either inside or outside the business - you’ll be hard pressed to attract the funds you need.

Our specialists can help you prepare for and attract investment by identifying whether your business:

  • Has clearly defined expansion plans that an investor can understand
  • Is structured optimally
  • Is performing at its best
  • Has the right people in the required roles
  • Has relevant strategies and plans.

Using these insights, we can tailor services to facilitate the growth and expansion process to help:

  • Refine growth and expansion plans
  • Execute strategy and monitor performance
  • Develop financial modelling
  • Define capital requirements and secure funding
  • Align people and process to strategy
  • Prepare effective business and taxation structuring.

Contact a BDO adviser today to find out how you can grow and expand your business.

When it comes time to transition out of your business, you want to do it on your own terms. Planning an exit strategy requires careful consideration of the options available, and thorough planning is essential. The goal is to ensure your business is in the best position to reap the benefits.

Key questions to consider during the process include:

  • What exit strategy is best for you and your business?
  • Should you consider an external sale, a transition to family or management, private equity or another option?
  • If you manage a family business, will family members play a role when you step away?
  • Have you positioned and structured your business to get the best value from a sale?
  • Have you considered the impact of a sale on your personal wealth and how you will manage it?
  • How will the path to exit be managed?
  • Do you know what risks could eventuate and how you will handle them?
  • How will you identify and attract a potential purchaser?

Proactively planning your personal and business exit strategy – even if it’s not implemented well into the future - will give you more clarity, consistency and direction on how to best achieve the result you desire. It’ll also ensure any decisions you make are best for your business: minimising risk and maximising value.

BDO can work with you to effectively plan an exit strategy. We can help:

  • Assess the saleability of the business
  • Optimise the sales process to maximise value
  • Identify purchasers
  • Structure the sale
  • Advise family on business transition
  • Prepare for succession planning
  • Provide private wealth advice.

Ensure your exit strategy realises the full value of your business. Get in touch with a BDO adviser today.

Having a good corporate governance framework in place is vital for managing risk, workplace behaviour, and ethical decision making. It helps the business to demonstrate good corporate citizenship through the actions of management and staff and their interactions with other stakeholders of the business. Without such a framework, corners may be cut – potentially leaving the business vulnerable to complacency, financial strain, and unwanted legal disputes.

At BDO we can help you to:

  • Review the management decision making and reporting framework
  • Review the composition, skills and experience of the Board, relative to the strategic direction
  • Identify gaps in governance policies
  • Develop a risk management and reporting framework
  • Prepare crisis management, disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

Talk to a BDO adviser today to find out how you can manage risk and set a framework for future growth through your governance model.

Navigating Australia’s complex tax system while meeting the daily demands of running a business is a constant battle for business leaders. Our aim is to help you meet your tax obligations with confidence, equip you with the knowledge you need, and support you along the way with tax insights relevant to your business.

BDO’s tax services help large private businesses to:

  • Identify the most tax effective options for business owners selling their business, business assets or ownership interest
  • Advise on the tax implications of private company loans to shareholders and associates
  • Provide tax effective structuring advice
  • Manage tax obligations and liabilities for high wealth individuals
  • Recommend tax effective strategies for financing growth via debt and equity, trade sale, employee share plans and management buy-outs. Manage the Tax Office audit review process
  • Advise on international tax structures and related issues such as transfer pricing and expatriate tax matters.

Proper attention to tax and commercial outcomes is critical to maximising the value of your business. To find out how BDO can help, contact one of our team today.

A clear strategy provides clarity for your board, management and staff, and ensures alignment behind a common direction. Find out how you can achieve this for your business by contacting a BDO adviser today.