Capital Projects Consulting

Organisations face constant pressure to efficiently and effectively extract value from major projects and assets. Yet, due to inadequate planning, execution and control, performance remains poor:
  • 60% of projects end-up distressed/failed, >40% of project investments do not deliver intended results, >70% of companies do not realign budgets with business needs
  • Poor asset performance results in higher total cost of ownership, decreased productivity, and low returns on capital investment.

How BDO can help

BDO’s partner-led team of technically qualified and experienced engineers, accountants, financial and data scientists utilise proven solutions, working systematically to improve project performance and unlock and deliver value across capital and asset-intensive organisations.

Optimising value at every stageCapital projects solutions

Extensive experience in Natural Resources, Manufacturing and Government Capital Assets and Infrastructure

Our clients make significant investments in capital assets and infrastructure and are typically active in Natural Resources, Manufacturing, and Government. Our clients wish to:

  • Reduce costs, improve and sustain profitability
  • Boost the effectiveness and efficiency of capital assets and delivery of major projects 
  • Deliver projects according to plan, avoiding risk and cost/time overruns
  • Identify and manage organisational cost drivers and unlock hidden value
  • Develop organisational capability.

A range of solutions and services to both create and protect value


Should any of the following applyWe can help
1. Significant capital budget or pipeline? 
2. Extensive asset base and/or contractor procurement?
3. Need to execute HVHR projects, or require compliance with AMAF and VDAS?

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