Cyber Risk Assessment & Security Testing

As cyber security risks continue to evolve, it is important for organisations to keep pace with how to best manage these risks. An effective cyber security risk management program is no longer a luxury - it’s a business imperative.

How BDO can help

We work with our clients to put in place a tailored cyber resilience strategy, giving them the confidence and capability to deal with these increasing risks.

A comprehensive cyber risk assessment allows an organisation to identify potential gaps and risks in its environment, and ultimately implement a cost-effective cyber security framework. With BDO’s support, this framework takes into account an organisation’s unique risk profile, understands the digital assets at stake, and outlines the best approach to ensure cyber resilience when incidents occur.

The core components of our framework include:

  • Identify the most critical information and system assets
  • Develop and implement procedures to protect them
  • Put in place technology, procedures and resources to detect a cyber security event and data breach
  • Implement procedures to respond to, and recover from, incidents as they occur
  • Define effective governance to manage cyber risks across the entire organisation.

Our services also include:

  • Specialist threat risk assessments, including Cloud, ICS / SCADA, IoT or other cyber security devices within the organisation
  • Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment
  • Social engineering reviews, including phishing testing, cyber-attack simulation and physical/social engineering testing
  • Cyber insurance reviews, including pre-insurance cyber risk assessments, cyber insurance policy reviews and insurance claims preparation
  • Security assurance/third-party security assessments
  • Privacy impact assessments
  • PCI compliance reviews and remediation.

Crest accredited firm

BDO in Australia is a CREST accredited firm and provides worldwide coverage. 
Our global presence means that we cooperate closely and comply with consistent operating principles and quality standards.

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2022 BDO and AusCERT Cyber Security Survey Report

With increased threats from targeted malicious emails and data breaches, our report, based on data collected in a 2022 survey, highlights the need for organisations to be more proactive and boost their cyber security confidence.

Explore the emerging threats facing your organisation and benchmark your cyber efforts against peers to assess your organisation’s security measures

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