• Family Business & Succession Planning

    Balancing the needs of family business.


We understand the unique challenges of family business

Family businesses of all sizes and types dominate Australia’s private sector. Some of the most successful and professional companies - many household names - are family-owned and run.

At BDO we have more than 25 years' experience working closely with family business. We offer professional advice, business solutions and ideas tailored to your needs - built on a relationship of trust and mutual understanding.

BDO’s approach to working with family business

Family businesses have a unique character. Our approach has been developed and tested under the most challenging circumstances; with results proven to be successful, flexible and adaptable to your family’s needs. There are five stages to the process:

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How BDO can help you

We share our wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide expert advice on issues specific to family business, supported by extensive education and research and accreditation of our family business consultants.

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