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Estate Planning and Wills

At BDO, we help individuals and families secure the financial future of the next generation. We act as an objective guide, ensuring all possible scenarios are planned for. We can facilitate difficult conversations now to avoid undesirable outcomes down the track.

As your trusted adviser, we work closely with your legal advisers to ensure that all aspects of your estate are considered and an effective plan of your design is in place. This includes:

  • Effective and tailored wealth structuring
  • Strategic advice during Will creation and execution
  • Identifying and managing tax implications including superannuation
  • Advising on private ancillary funds to support legacy wishes
  • Assisting family education and communication.

Benefits of estate planning for family business

Planning how to manage your wealth makes sense for you, your family and any business interests should unforeseen circumstances arise. This includes ensuring your Will remains up to date.

Take the first step today and contact a BDO estate planning expert to find out how you can secure your wealth well into the future.

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