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Take control of your assets with estate planning

How will your assets be handled if something happened to you or your family situation changed? Not understanding the answer to this important question could present significant risk to your hard-earned wealth in the future. It can also prevent you from enjoying peace of mind in the present. After all, professional estate planning is essential if you’re to ensure that your assets are passed on to your beneficiaries in the simplest and most effective way.

Mitigating potential risks associated with your estate requires a proactive approach to estate management and planning, including making sure you have a Will and that it’s up to date and will distribute your assets among your beneficiaries in the manner you intended. Without a Will in place, you can’t be sure your assets will go to your intended beneficiaries and your estate could be distributed in accordance with the ‘Rules of Intestacy’. These are Government rules which distribute estates among the deceased’s next of kin and may not be in line with your wishes.  

At BDO, we help both individuals and families secure the financial future of the next generation. We act as an objective guide, ensuring all possible scenarios are planned for if your family situation changes or unforeseen circumstances arise. To get started today, contact your local BDO office to arrange a consultation with one of our estate planning and Wills experts. 

BDO Estate Planning and Wills Services 

At BDO, our estate planning and Wills experts specialise in risk mitigation where family estates are concerned, and can facilitate difficult conversations now to help avoid undesirable outcomes further down the track. We achieve results for clients through a range of essential estate planning services, including:

  • Effective and tailored wealth structuring
  • Strategic advice during Will creation and execution
  • Identifying and managing tax implications, including superannuation
  • Advising on private ancillary funds to support legacy wishes
  • Assisting with family education and communication.

Planning how to manage your wealth not only makes sense for you; it will also benefit your family and any business interests should unforeseen circumstances arise.

Take the first step to taking control of your assets through proactive estate management today and contact a BDO estate planning expert to find out how you can secure your wealth for the benefit of your beneficiaries and business interests now, and well into the future.

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