International Tax

At BDO we know what’s important when expanding business operations offshore. You need to be confident you can access responsive offshore advisers who have a deep understanding of the nuances that exist in different jurisdictions. Our BDO international network spans more than 160 countries, providing you with extensive access to globally integrated tax solutions.

The depth and breadth of BDO's capability across the globe ensures you have access to the highest calibre tax advisers wherever you transact business. In each country we are based, we have dedicated tax specialists with the requisite knowledge and experience to help you deal with any cross-border issues. We also work closely with our corporate finance experts in capital raisings and listings to provide complete and seamless advice on transactions and to ensure the tax issues are fully understood.

How BDO can help

Our international tax specialists can advise you in the following areas:

International transactions and tax planning

  • For foreign enterprises considering investing in Australia, including the choice of entity, the mode of investment and the tax implications arising from cross-border funds flow. 
  • For Australian businesses expanding internationally with the assistance of our global network.
  • For in-depth tax planning considerations, including whether to set up a regional hub, the best holding company jurisdiction, how to manage unintended consequences, what structures are most appropriate, how to maximise cash repatriation (e.g. through transfer pricing, royalty charges or management fees) and local laws concerning documentation.   

Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFC)

  • Advising Australian companies on the most tax effective way to expand by establishing new investments in foreign locations.
  • Determining whether the CFC rules will apply to attribute any foreign income back to the Australian companies.
  • Assisting in determining the impact of those outcomes.

Non-resident capital gains tax issues

  • Advising on the tax implications of non-resident enterprises disposing of Australian assets or shares in Australian entities that hold taxable Australian real property.

Withholding taxes

  • Advising on the tax implications on international flow of interest, dividends and royalties.  

Across the BDO global network, we share the same goal: to deliver an exceptional technical outcome with a focus on you and your business objectives. You can be assured that the service you receive in Australia will be mirrored by our colleagues across the globe.

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