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Business Accelerator and Investor Ready Masterclasses

Many business owners we come across have strong growth potential but have reached a point where future growth requires external funding. This external funding is greatly dependent on whether the business is “investor ready” or not. We find businesses who are not investor ready but progress through the external funding process are:

  1. Not nimble enough to take advantage of the potential opportunities and lose the investment all together; or
  2. The capital raising process is substantially more cumbersome and exhausting than required.

Masterclass 1 – Maximising your value

The first step in becoming Investor Ready is to assess how prepared your business is for investment, understand what will increase your business value and make it a more attractive investment opportunity. The second step is to build a business plan that clearly identifies the opportunities, as well as your business mission, purpose and values.



Masterclass 2 – Know your numbers

An essential part of becoming Investor Ready is improving your financial literacy. When business owners understand their financial information, they make informed strategic decisions that result in increased business value and financial stability.




Masterclass 3 – People and processes

Having the right people in the right roles, who are not reliant on the business owner, significantly enhances the value of your business. A strong management team reduces investment risk and enhances future earning capabilities. Learn how to structure and motivate a leadership team with the best corporate governance for your business.




Masterclass 4 – Business valuation and exit strategies

Calculating your business value is a critical part of attracting investors. There are several ways to value a business. In this masterclass, we teach you how to apply the Capitalisation of Profit Valuation methodology to your business. Through this process, you identify what is influencing risk and the value drives for your business.

Masterclass 4 will run 9 December 2020.



Meet your Program Facilitators

BDO’s Financial Educators are committed to helping early-stage, high growth companies become scalable, investable and saleable. Tanya and Marc have over 20 years of experience working with startup and scaleup founders from across the globe.

Tanya Titman, Head of Strategic Innovation

National Lead, Financial Education


Tanya has a unique skill set being a startup founder, startup investor, accountant, mentor, and financial educator. With this combination, she has a great depth of knowledge in relation to startups and excels at explaining complex financial concepts in language you understand.

As the founder of BDO’s Financial education programs, her purpose is to improve the financial literacy of early-stage, high growth startups, globally, so they can achieve their dreams. Tanya is widely recognised for her innovation initiatives and heads up BDO’s Strategic Innovation program.

Tanya has been delivering financial education programs to startup and scaleup businesses for over five years. She is excited about bringing this education program to regional Queensland thanks to support from Advance Queensland.



Partner, Business Services


Danny Olsen is an experienced tax and business adviser, with a proven track record in helping clients navigate the increasing complexities of taxation and accounting. Danny has been with the firm for over ten years, becoming Partner in December 2019 for his ability to deliver exceptional client service. Danny’s expertise is in assisting clients:

  • Access the best tax outcomes using the benefits and concessions available in the Australian tax system
  • Make informed decisions when faced with complex tax issues
  • Maximise the output and the value business owners receive from their accounts and finance teams
  • Execute on the operational and strategic initiatives required to reach their objectives

Danny is committed to delivering exceptional outcomes to each client, and hiring and developing the best team available to exceed their expectations.

Danny embraces the need to adapt to current trends and ensure clients are effectively equipped for change by keeping at the forefront of technological advancements impacting and shaping our clients’ needs.