• Healthcare Advisory Services

    Navigating the ‘new world’ of healthcare


Empowering the healthcare industry in times of change

Australia’s total healthcare expenditure is among the highest in the world (per capita). Managing this cost is a key objective on the government’s agenda. However, with the demands of Australia’s growing and ageing population and budget constraints, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to realise the efficiencies required while improving the quality of our healthcare.

The industry as a whole is also adapting to change. There are many opportunities presented by new technologies; also challenges within a highly regulated environment. Attracting skilled people, particularly to aged and community care, is another pressing concern.

Financial results and clinical outcomes are intertwined as never before as the industry adapts to new business models, market disrupters, cost pressures and risk-based reimbursement.

BDO’s Healthcare team has the knowledge, expertise and resources to help navigate this complex and integrated new world. We work across the public and private sectors to advise healthcare and senior living organisations on strategy, performance, compliance, risk and governance.

Our approach is to empower you to make business decisions based on timely insights that keep pace with change, assisting you across: 

  • Advisory - advice on healthcare system strategy, merger and acquisition transaction services, processes and compliance
  • Capital - access to capital and healthcare investment banking services tailored to the new healthcare environment
  • Assurance and tax - ensure financial and tax compliance meets complex healthcare regulatory, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and business requirements.

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