Risk Advisory Services

Advisory services to identify and manage business risk

Risk advisory services assist in integrating the culture, systems and processes of a business to identify and manage risk. In addition to helping your organisation understand the potential risks it faces, risk advisory services can help support decision making, business objectives and prevent loss, damage or harm to the business.

Risk solutions can maximise business operations and performance through the prediction and identification of threats, and the subsequent risk mitigation and resolution of imminent and looming threats. 

How BDO can help

BDO has experienced teams across Australia offering a range of risk advisory services to businesses and organisations in both the private and public sectors.

Our risk advisory services include: 

  • Internal audits – we have expertise across all the specialist areas required to deliver a full-scope internal audit that adds real value to your organisation. Our internal audit services include risk-based audit planning, financial and compliance audits, operational and performance audits, investigations, technology and project assurance.
  • Risk assurance and advisory – our assurance and advisory team provides a full range of risk solutions to help your organisation navigate a diverse range of challenges, changes, and opportunities. The risk assurance and advisory solutions we can provide include risk management, risk mitigation, risk strategies and crisis management.
  • Cyber security – with cyber-attacks continuing to increase in complexity, sophistication and frequency, building cyber resilience across organisations is vital to minimising the impact of a cyber incident on your business. We provide cyber security services tailored to your specific business and organisational requirements, and the demands of your industry.  
  • Technology and project assurance – regardless of the size of the project or your organisation, our project assurance services assess project and information technology governance, controls and implementation to ensure successful project outcomes. 
  • Contract and third party assurance – all organisations that outsource to third parties need assurance that the risks associated with outsourcing key services, including cost and performance controls, are managed properly. Our contract and third party assurance solutions include auditing and managing financial and commercial contract performance and risk. 

With in-depth experience across a wide range of industries and sectors, BDO’s risk assurance and advisory experts can assist in building your organisation’s capacity to identify and resolve threats. We deliver risk solutions that can help to increase the resilience and competitiveness of your business, in turn increasing risk management performance and ultimately, profitability. 

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