Risk Advisory Services

Advisory services to identify and manage business risk

Risk Advisory services evaluate a business’s culture, systems, processes, and controls to identify and manage risk. In addition to improving your organisation’s understanding of its potential risks, risk advisory services can support decision-making. Risk advisory can also help determine your business objective and prevent loss, damage or harm to the business.

By predicting and identifying threats and subsequent risk mitigation, you can resolve imminent and looming threats before they eventuate. Risk solutions can also maximise business operations and performance.

How BDO can help

Our teams across Australia offer Risk Advisory services to businesses and organisations in the private and public sectors.

Our advisers assist businesses and organisations through:

  • Internal audit services
  • Risk management services
  • Third party assurance
  • Compliance management services
  • SOX attestation & controls
  • IT audit & security

BDO's risk management services

Internal Audit Services

Our Internal Audit Services monitor and test internal control systems, identifying potential risks and areas for improvement. This enhances organisational efficiency, ensures compliance, and allows businesses to thrive in competitive markets. 

Our internal audit services include risk-based audit planning and offer recommendations to improve organisational procedural effectiveness.

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Risk Management Services

BDO's Risk Management Services offer independent insight for achieving robust risk management and governance functions. Specialists evaluate frameworks, enhance governance structures, and provide insights for effective adaptation to changing environments. The focus is on risk mitigation, compliance, and strategic recommendations for organisations navigating complex operational landscapes.

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Third Party Assurance

Engaging Third Party Assurance is a strategic choice for optimal outcomes when contracting. BDO can evaluate and enhance contractual performance by acting as an independent auditor or providing contract advisory services, insights, and improvement recommendations.

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Compliance Management Services

Compliance Management Services are crucial for organisations aiming to strengthen internal controls. Collaboration with management to identify risks offers insights for enhanced efficiency. Beyond risk mitigation, these services strictly adhere to statutory laws and regulations.

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SOX Attestation & Controls

Growing demand for Management Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Attestations reflects the need for strengthened Corporate Governance and investor confidence. Our SOX Attestation and Controls Services proactively enhance organisational control processes, mitigating risks within the stringent SOX framework. Comprehensive services encompass continuous monitoring, iterative improvement, and coordination with external auditors for robust compliance and governance.

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IT Audit & Security

Regular technology risk reviews and assurance are crucial for secure technology optimisation and utilisation. BDO can assess risks, ensure compliance, and offer strategic advice, enhancing overall technology risk management.

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2023 Global Risk Landscape Report

The eighth edition of the Global Risk Landscape Report, a report based on a survey of 500 C-suite executives across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, and the Americas, focusses on the 'risk multiplyer effect'.

Read the full report to understand the risks that businesses in Australia and across the world are facing.

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