Internal Audit and Integrity Services

Internal Audit Services monitor and test the effectiveness of internal control systems, processes, and controls. It assists management with identifying processes and procedures that pose a risk and require attention. Additionally, process integrity services help to identify opportunities for improved efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring compliance with statutory laws and regulations.

This enables businesses and organisations to compete more effectively in increasingly competitive markets. Using these services is vital in markets with lowered entry barriers and tighter competition.

BDO's risk advisory specialists provide process integrity services for organisations across all industries and sectors. Our advisers identify deficiencies in control and operational procedures and provide recommendations that help to improve procedural effectiveness.

How BDO can help

As a leading professional services firm, BDO offers comprehensive expertise in all specialist areas essential for process integrity services. Our diverse knowledge allows us to structure our teams with the optimal mix of specialist skills and experience. This enables us to meet your business needs as they apply to:

Advisory Services

  • Payroll Advisory
  • Technology and project assurance
  • Audit and Risk committee oversight, assurance, and advice
  • Environmental, Sustainability & Governance (ESG) Advisory.

Additional information on our ESG services is detailed on our Sustainability Services page. 

Internal Audit Function

  • Establishment of an Internal Audit Function 
  • Outsource Internal Audit 
  • Co-Source Internal Audit 
  • Secondment to internal audit teams 
  • Risk-based internal audit planning 
  • Independent evaluation of internal audit function.

Project Assurance

  • Project Governance and Assurance
  • Health checks
  • Go-live readiness
  • Stage gate reviews
  • Post-implementation review
  • Ongoing project assurance
  • Benefit realisation
  • Project operations.

Systems, Process and Controls Audits

  • Financial Audit
  • Operational Audit
  • Performance Audit
  • Obligations Registers and controls.

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