IT Audit & Security for Reliable Technology Performance

Regularly reviewing an organisation’s technology risks and assurance of technology operations are essential to ensuring technology resources’ secure and effective utilisation.

Appropriate and regular review of technology risks is vital to evaluating and fortifying technology infrastructure. This involves identifying potential risks associated with technology systems, ensuring compliance with relevant standards, and offering recommendations to enhance overall technology resilience.

BDO provides Technology Risk & Assurance services to organisations across diverse industries. We are committed to assessing technology risks, implementing robust measures, and offering strategic advice to enhance overall technology risk management and assurance.

This approach empowers businesses and organisations to proactively address technology-related challenges, optimise technology performance, and ensure the reliability of digital assets.

How BDO can help

As a leading professional services firm, BDO offers comprehensive expertise in all specialist areas essential for process integrity services. 

BDO's great depth of knowledge and experience make us unique. This allows us to structure teams with a mix of specialist skills and experience tailored to your needs as they apply to:

SOC reports

A System and Organisation Controls (SOC) audit report assesses the internal control environment of a ‘service organisation’ (i.e., an organisation providing services to its client or ‘user organisation’). 

SOC reports address concerns related to the ability of a Service Organisation to accurately process transactions and ensure that data and information is managed and maintained securely.

Our professionals provide a full range of SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3 assurance reports and other third-party assurance services under applicable professional standards. 

Our risk and control assurance services include:

  • System and Organisation Controls reporting (e.g., SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, ISAE 3402, ASAE 3402, ASAE 3150, Operational Due Diligence (ODD) etc.)
  • ACCC Consumer Data Right (CDR) ASAE 3150 assurance reporting
  • APRA Prudential Reporting – CPS 232 (BCM), CPS 234 (Information Security) which will move to CPS 230 – Operational Risk Management in 2025
  • Vendor / Third Party risk and assurance reporting.

Technology Assurance

  • SOC 1 and 2 Assurance
  • IT Framework review
  • GS007 Audit
  • CPS234 Reviews
  • CPS230 Audit
  • Technology Risk and Assurance
  • Cyber Security

Additional information on our Cyber Security and risk services is detailed on our Cyber Security page. 

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