Risk Management & Governance Solutions

For operational success, it is important to have robust risk management and governance functions. Gaining independent insight into an organisation’s risks and governance is the most effective approach to managing these areas. 

BDO's Risk Management Service assists management in evaluating and enhancing risk management frameworks. This ensures effective governance structures and identifies areas that require attention. This enables organisations to navigate complexities in their operational landscape and to improve their ability to adapt to changing environments and regulatory requirements.

Our specialists focus on providing insights into potential risks, recommending strategies for risk mitigation, and ensuring compliance with statutory laws and regulations.

How BDO can help

As a leading professional services firm, BDO offers comprehensive expertise in all specialist areas essential for process integrity services. Our diverse knowledge allows us to structure our teams with the optimal mix of specialist skills and experience. This enables us to meet your business needs as they apply to:

Risk Consulting

  • Risk strategy review
  • Independent risk assessments
  • Development of:
    • Risk Appetite Statements
    • Risk Profiles (strategic, operational, project risks, etc.)
    • Risk policies and procedures
    • Risk management frameworks
    • Risk solutions
  • Risk identification and mitigation training
  • Risk reporting and dashboard development
  • Risk management as a managed service
  • Fraud Risk
  • Cyber Risk

Risk Governance

  • Governance Risk and Controls (GRC) solution advice
  • Implementation of GRC solutions
  • Controls assurance methodology/framework/plans
  • Project risk, issue, and governance management frameworks
  • Sustainability and environmental, sustainability and governance advisory

Additional information on our Cyber Security and risk services is detailed on our Cyber Security page. 

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Peter Toll

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