Business Strategy & Transformation

Transforming industries, volatile markets and changing demographics are making it ever more difficult for business to thrive. In many cases, customer needs are reshaping businesses’ operating models. Without the right support, the journey from surviving to thriving can remain elusive for some.

How BDO can help

BDO’s professionals draw upon deep industry knowledge and experience to help you improve performance in three key areas: sustainable market growth, improved margin contribution and strategic risk management.

We understand how to discover and create value within organisations, and maximise that value to get the best results. Our approach is to evaluate businesses and business challenges holistically, to create tailored long-term solutions.

Our goal is to help you drive profitable and sustainable growth, and achieve your performance objectives, long after we’re gone.

Learn how we can add value to your strategic planning process.

Strategic planning

Have you ever questioned the value and outcomes of your strategic planning process? Our consultants have developed a market tested and proven methodology that takes the guesswork out of strategy, ensuring there is a clear and well understood direction for the future of the organisation.

BDO’s strategic management consultants can work with you on:

  • Mission, vision and values creation
  • Strengths and capability assessment
  • Competitive positioning
  • Value proposition design
  • Long and short term strategy development
  • Action planning
  • KPI development
  • Implementation funding and governance.

BDO can also help businesses looking to develop a new strategy or business model.

Business model development

You might have a vision for where you want to be in the future only to find that your current structure doesn’t support that pathway. There’s no need to be constrained by your current model. With the right support, you can explore many options to enable and drive your organisation’s growth.

BDO’s team of advisers can design and implement contemporary operating models across business process, workforce and technology. We can help you get a clear strategic direction in place with services including:

  • New business model design
  • Business case and funding models
  • Procurement (outsourced service providers)
  • Workforce planning and transition
  • Organisation change management.

Our business strategy advisers also help with cost structures. 

Cost reduction and price structure techniques

Getting your price structures in order is essential to be competitive.

BDO can help you achieve an optimal cost position in order to maximise value and reduce costs. This can be critical to extend a competitive advantage, protect margins or become better aligned to industry benchmarks.

Our cost reduction services include:

  • Cost audit and benchmarking (matrix across function, service and markets)
  • Activity based costing
  • Margin analysis
  • Financial modelling
  • Cost reduction strategy
  • KPI development and performance tracking.

BDO can also take a deeper look into business performance to identify other areas for profit improvement. Find out more about our turnaround services.

Business turnaround

When a business isn’t performing to its potential, it is critical to work out where improvements can be made before settling on a plan to turn performance - and confidence - around.

BDO works with clients to identify and execute strategies for improved performance and success. We help organisations that are underperforming or seeking profit improvement. We can also help businesses in transition or in the midst of a significant acquisition.

Whatever your situation, we provide critical integration services in rapid response to your financial performance needs. Our professionals take an active, hands-on role, instilling confidence in your  investors, lenders and other stakeholders.

  • Situation assessment (markets, customers, supply chain, cost base, financing, workforce and operations)
  • Financial options analysis
  • Turnaround strategy and execution plan
  • Exit planning.

Risk minimisation

Managing the threat of business model disruption is essential to any business strategy. BDO believes that structured frameworks and clear communication are essential strategies to ensure a proactive approach. This will help minimise the risk of unplanned or unknown challenges to the success of your business.

BDO advisers can help to identify, assess, manage and prepare for risks that have the potential to disrupt your organisation strategy. We can also advise on establishing an Enterprise Risk Management system for your business.

Change management and transition 

Moving through a process of change remains one of the most challenging aspects of any business. BDO supports effective implementation of current state to future state through:

  • Organisational architecture and structure design
  • Culture review
  • Business model alignment
  • Product and service innovation
  • Change management
  • Implement action plans
  • Project and initiative management
  • Consulting resource supply.

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