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BDO delivers ideas, trust and transparency to the public sector.

Solutions for government and the Australian people

The government and public sector faces ever-changing challenges and pressures but its overarching responsibility always remains the same: to provide solutions and services for the Australian people. The Australian government and public sector must meet the public’s expectations for value for money, seamless systems and positive outcomes. As consultants to the public sector, we appreciate that this responsibility also extends to the services and solutions we provide.

How BDO can help

BDO has significant experience supporting government and public sector entities, and is appointed to a number of panel arrangements at the local, state and federal level. We recognise the critical path of understanding the requirements, assigning an experienced team, achieving high quality outcomes and delivering public value. Whether your operations are within local, state or federal governments and territories, not-for-profit (NFP) entities or healthcare services, we work with you to achieve the best outcomes for your customers. 

BDO’s government and public sector services include:

  • Financial management services, including CFO services, finance function transformation, financial management advisory for infrastructure and major projects, establishment of infrastructure and special purpose vehicles, services to sovereign wealth funds, finance function advisory and technical accounting to various public sector entities, and specialist transaction advice
  • Advisory services for strategy and transformation, digital and technology, information technology risk and project assurance, contract assurance, and data analytics and insights
  • People advisory services for workforce planning and governance, process and performance improvement, and outsourcing services
  • Risk advisory services, including cyber security services and forensic services
  • Project and infrastructure advisory services, such as financial viability assessments, economics for infrastructure services, and business case development
  • Sustainability services, including ESG reporting and compliance
  • Audit services, including audit readiness and technical accounting
  • Taxation services, including tax equivalents regime, fringe benefits tax (FBT), goods and services tax (GST), state taxes (duties, payroll tax, land tax), fuel tax credits, superannuation and customs duty.

Who we serve

Government Agencies

Government agencies, statutory bodies, and government-owned corporations

State Governments in Australia

Local, state and territory governments

Australian Parliament

Federal Government

What our clients say

Department for Education (SA)

The Department for Education wanted to enable teachers and educators by understanding how, why and when technology is needed in their roles. BDO was there to help.

BDO’s Digital and Technology Advisory team conducted a series of interviews with stakeholders from each group that enabled us to better understand how they use technology and services from the Department to deliver learning outcomes.

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Peter Sheehan

Peter Sheehan

National Leader, Government & Public Sector
Partner, Advisory
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Peter Sheehan

Peter Sheehan

National Leader, Government & Public Sector
Partner, Advisory
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