Technology Modernisation

Gain an understanding of your organisation's existing digital capability, gaps and priorities 

Our digital experts have extensive experience working with organisations of various sizes, including Government, to develop transparent, accurate, and matched business and system requirements that meet an organisation's actual needs and wants. 

Our team comprises experienced industry specialists and hands-on digital architects who collaborate with our clients to map out a series of incremental advancements against a transformational vision of a more efficient and engaged organisation.   

We work across a three-phased project management approach and methodology, which includes: 

  1. Project initiation to enable project success and understand the strategic context
  2. Current state assessment and audit to establish requirements, best practice guidelines and baseline
  3. Scope and technical specification development to document requirements and communicate findings to facilitate rapid commencement of the delivery phase. 

Is your organisation operating on legacy technology systems and not sure how to upgrade? 

BDO’s technology modernisation team can help you evaluate and transition from legacy technology to more robust modern systems.


How BDO can help

We understand that navigating the digital landscape can be daunting. Our digital experts facilitate a current-state assessment of existing service tools and conduct a market scan of best practices that suit your organisation's self-service needs. This current state documentation acts as a service tool to guide scoping and technical specifications. Our approach is aligned with achieving your objectives through our tailored approach, consultative workshops to understand the requirements, business processes and system touchpoints and integration opportunities with other systems to enable efficient and effective processes, quality data and reporting for client satisfaction.

BDO's technology modernisation services

Technology product evaluations

Evaluation and scoring of technology products against agreed criteria to determine the best choice to meet the client's needs. 

Project and program management as a service (PMaaS)

On-demand project management provides flexibility while saving time and money. We bring the expertise, tools, and technologies required to improve service delivery quality.

Business process mapping 

Process mapping to optimise business processes, streamline operations and drive effective process management and efficiencies. 

Interim CIO support

Minimise potential leadership disruption through our short-term CIO support services providing change management and project management support.

Solution design and wireframes

Interactive design process that serves as a blueprint to establish the structure and flow of possible digital solutions.

Enterprise architecture

Creating an architecture framework to evaluate the relationships of an organisation’s people, business processes and ICT to establish business roles and processes.

Change management and legacy technology transition

Management of legacy technology migration – including testing, stakeholder management and communication, and functionality reporting and analysis.

ICT program and project assurance/gated reviews

Gated reviews are conducted by our independent experts to examine your digital projects at key milestones or decision points.

Technology risk assessments

Identify, analyse, and manage risks associated with an organisation's use and governance of technology.

ICT health checks, service management assessments and design

Controlled health checks designed to identify and expose security vulnerabilities within an organisation's technology solutions.

Business continuity planning and testing

Continuity plan testing to evaluate how prepared your organisation and disaster recovery teams are in response to a digital crisis or unexpected digital event. Continuity planning and testing ensures quality standards are upheld.

The benefits of engaging BDO's digital and technology consultants

Businesses that engage BDO in their digital and technology planning experience a range of benefits that often set them apart from their competitors.


PMaaS reduces project risk, develops continuity and consistency, while saving money


Boost employee productivity through workflow automation


Be prepared for unexpected digital disruptions

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