Business Technology Solutions

Scalable digital solutions for modern business needs

BDO’s digital solutions team understand that your digital solutions need to align with your overall business strategy and that any investment in technology needs to drive meaningful business outcomes. To create the perfect solution for your unique situation, we combine:

  • Our comprehensive expertise
    Get access to a wide range of expertise across various domains, such as business strategy, technology, and industry-specific knowledge to ensure well-rounded digital solutions.
  • A holistic approach
    Our integrated service offering combines consulting, design, development, and implementation, leading to more cohesive and effective solutions. 
  • Flexible scalability
    Our ability to scale resources up or down based on your project needs ensures flexibility and efficiency across the project lifecycle. 
  • Cross-industry insights
    Leverage knowledge and best practices across various industries to develop unique and effective digital products that solve specific business challenges. 
  • Expertise in strategic alignment
    We understand that your digital solutions need to align with your overall business strategy and that any investment in technology needs to drive meaningful business outcomes. 
  • End-to-end support
    Get access to continuous support, from initial discovery and project scoping conversations to implementation and beyond. We ensure all digital solutions are set up for long-term success.

Have a business challenge? Let’s unlock your tailored digital solution. 

Whether you have a specific digital solution in mind or a business challenge you’re unsure how to tackle - we’re here to help! Contact us to arrange a commitment-free discovery session to discuss your challenges and needs and explore how we can assist you.


How BDO can help

BDO is proudly a Microsoft partner.

Our Digital Solutions team specialises in designing and developing tailored solutions that address the unique needs of our clients. By combining our proficiency in UX/UI design, education design and technical expertise across Microsoft’s Power Platform and Dynamics365, we deliver best-in-class solutions across the below categories.

Bespoke digital solutions

We design and develop end-to-end digital solutions, ensuring viability by addressing key business needs, assessing technical feasibility within your IT (Information Technology) environment, and enhancing desirability to boost end-user engagement. Examples of custom apps and digital products include:

  • Responsive apps: Across desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Custom Microsoft Power BI dashboards: Tailored for insightful data visualisation and storytelling
  • Virtual agents: Programmed or AI-powered bots to enhance user interactions
  • UX/UI design services: Creating intuitive and engaging user experiences that help you achieve your KPIs
  • Transactional CRM journeys: Based on relevant user interactions for improved customer relationship management

e-Learning solutions

Using our Learning Management System (LMS), we create custom online and self-paced learning modules tailored to your subject matter expertise and business needs. The benefits of our online education products include:

  • A fully customisable learning experience: Tailored to your brand, tone of voice, subject matter expertise and business requirements
  • Interactive learning modules: Thoughtfully designed for better learning outcomes
  • Data and analytics: Measure impact and make informed, data-driven education decisions
  • Seamless integration: Can be built into our custom digital products or applied separately to educate employees on how to use new digital solutions.

Our approach

Developed by the British Design Council, the Double Diamond approach is a powerful and innovative method to address complex business, economic, and environmental challenges. This approach empowers us to explore, define, develop, and deliver innovative digital solutions, while prioritising end-user needs through Human Centred Design (HCD) principals and aligning with your key business requirements. The Double Diamond is an invaluable approach for creating meaningful and lasting change in today’s agile business landscape.

Double diamond model diagram

Double Diamond approach diagram

BDO's business technology solutions services

Digital solution product development

Leveraging our technical expertise in Power Platform, we develop, manage, and support responsive apps and web-based platforms that solve modern business problems.

From initial build phases to ongoing maintenance and iterative development updates, we follow an agile methodology, enabling us to quickly adapt to changing business and user requirements.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that your solutions remain effective, scalable, and aligned with your evolving needs.

Digital solution User Experience & User Interface (UX/UI) design

Through close collaboration with developers and key stakeholders, our UX design ensures digital solutions are user-friendly and meet user needs via thorough research, personas, and usability testing.

Our UI design enhances aesthetics and interactions, creating visually engaging products that are consistent across platforms and aligned with your brand's design requirements, with the goal to drive user engagement in line with your KPIs.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) journeys

Our CRM journeys are designed to enhance every interaction with your customers, ensuring personalised and seamless experiences across all touchpoints.

By leveraging advanced analytics and customer insights, we create tailored engagement strategies that meet individual needs and preferences.

Through automation and integration with your existing systems, we streamline processes and provide real-time data, empowering your team to make informed decisions and build stronger relationships with your customers.

e-Learning solutions

We create engaging e-learning modules that drive better learning outcomes by applying behavioural science principals for education.

Our approach incorporates principles of motivation, attention, and retention, ensuring that each module is designed to effectively capture and maintain learners' interest.

By using evidence-based strategies, we tailor the learning experience to maximise knowledge retention and application, ultimately enhancing the educational impact and effectiveness of our e-learning solutions.

Custom Learning Management System (LMS) integration & management

We specialise in the setup and management of custom Learning Management Systems (LMS) tailored to your unique business & learning needs.

Our comprehensive service includes initial configuration, content integration, and ongoing administration to ensure a seamless and effective learning experience.

By customising learning pathways, we create an LMS that enhances user engagement, supports diverse learning styles, and facilitates tracking and reporting.

Our expertise ensures your LMS is scalable, user-friendly, and aligned with your educational goals.

Microsoft Reseller Services

As a certified Microsoft reseller, we provide comprehensive services to help you acquire, implement, and optimise Microsoft solutions tailored to your business needs. 

Our offerings include licensing procurement, deployment support, and ongoing management of Microsoft products such as (but not limited to) Office 365, Azure, CoPilot and Dynamics 365. 

With our expertise and personalised approach, we ensure you leverage the full potential of Microsoft technologies to enhance productivity, streamline operations, and drive growth for your business.

Our commitment

While each solution is tailored to your unique business requirements, our commitment to the below pillars remains the same across all projects. 



Risk mitigation through best-in-class digital security and data management practices.



Clear and transparent communication at all project stages.


Alignment with your objectives

Unwavering alignment with your business goals and long-term strategy.

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