Data, Analytics & AI

Data management, analytics and AI services

Using data analytics and data management to understand and predict market and business trends

BDO's data, analytics & AI team support you to realise the value of your data by converting it into insight and action in your organisation. 

At the core of our offering is the firm belief that a holistic and robust understanding of our clients and how they operate, along with trusted information sources is critical to the success of any data, analytics, and AI initiative. 

We bolster our knowledge of your organisation with our end-to-end expertise in data, analytics & AI to identify and deliver pragmatic initiatives which resolve your pain points and identify how you can exceed against your organisation’s objectives.

Are you getting the most out of your data?

BDO’s data, analytics and AI team can help you stay focused on progress against strategic goals and make operational decisions easier by setting up the insights and platforms you need.


How BDO can help

BDO’s unique approach and methodology can provide you with a single dashboard view of the digital analytics driving your business. We work with you to see the relative contributions and importance at a glance, enabling more informed, evidence-based decision-making and allowing you to direct time and effort to areas that need it most. 

In simple terms, BDO’s data, analytics and AI team can help you stay focused on progress against strategic goals and make operational decisions easier by setting up the insights and platforms you need. 

BDO's data, analytics & AI services

Data and AI strategy

  • Strategic plans to understand the value of data and AI
  • Data and AI operating model design and implementation
  • Data and AI financial modelling and options analysis

Data engineering and architecture

  • Data and Solution design
  • Modern Data Platform Implementation
  • Data modelling and Transformation

Data science and AI

  • Generative AI advisory and implementation
  • Machine learning advisory and implementation
  • Natural language processing advisory and implementation
  • Advanced stats advisory and implementation
  • Algorithms advisory and implementation
  • Ethics & responsible AI advisory 

Visualisation and decision intelligence

  • Interactive dashboard advisory and implementation 

Information management and data governance

  • Models and framework advisory 
  • Operating model advisory and uplift
  • Maturity and awareness advisory
  • Data and information discovery and cataloguing 
  • Compliance review 
  • Data sharing and protection advisory
  • Policy and standards advisory

Privacy management

  • Access controls advisory
  • Targeted privacy management uplift
  • Personal Information (PI) identification
  • Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Process development
  • Privacy Management operating model development

Data and AI assurance

  • Dashboard Process Review, Assurance, and Optimisation
  • AI Readiness and Assurance
  • ML and Advanced Analytics Assurance
  • Data Quality Assurance
  • Data Process Assurance

Data migration

  • Advisory
  • Implementation

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The benefits of engaging BDO's data, analytics & AI consultants

Businesses that engage BDO in their data analytics and management experience a range of benefits that often set them apart from their competitors.

financial stability icon

Financial stability and improved commercial outcomes

Resource optimisation icon

Resource optimisation (both human and asset-based resources)

Improved operational performance icon

Improved operational performance (resolving bottlenecks, improving process flows) 

Common data, analytics & AI questions

How do we become a data-driven organisation?

The data, analytics & AI team at BDO have synthesized years of research and experience with our clients to identify the key factors and steps involved in becoming data-driven organisation. The benefits of being data-driven are well known, but the actual pathway for an organisation to become data-driven is often intimidating and unnecessarily costly. Our approach focuses on creating a clear, prioritised and actionable pathway to become data-driven that accounts for real-world constraints on people and funding. 

How is my organisation performing?

Assessing your organisation’s performance begins with a clear view of what your objectives and risks are and how these translate into metrics and measures. We then assess the availability of internal and external data sources before bringing this together into an integrated, interactive report that you can use to quickly understand your organisation’s performance and what actions you need to take. We can undertake this as an ad-hoc activity, or an automated reporting process (including real-time reporting). 

How is AI going to impact us and how do we leverage it?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in particular generative AI is having a significant impact on many organisations. Our approach is vendor agnostic and focuses on where your organisation will be impacted by AI based on your unique circumstances. On assessing the impact, we identify a clear and actionable initiatives roadmap that will enable your organisation to reduce the risk of AI while leveraging its extensive benefits. Beyond this impact assessment, we have a suite of offerings including implementation of AI tooling and review of your existing AI tooling. Our approach is informed by continuous research on AI development and years of experience in helping our clients adapt to the impact of contemporary technology. 

Is this programme of work achieving its objectives?

Our team are highly skilled in programme evaluation within private and public sector contexts. We draw upon relevant evaluation frameworks and apply our data analytics expertise to collate private and public data sources to create insightful and robust evaluation of programme performance. We frequently call upon subject and industry experts from across BDO Australia on programme evaluation projects to ensure we bring deep contextual expertise in addition to our evaluation and technical skillsets. 

How do I speed up our monthly reporting process?

Automation is the cornerstone of our data, analytics & AI practice and we are deeply experienced in developing an understanding of existing reporting processes and how these can be automated in a cost-effective and low-risk manner. To support the automation process, our team can work with your existing data tooling or identify and implement fit-for-purpose tooling. 

Can I trust what my dashboard reports are telling me?

Having access to trusted data to support evidence-based decisions is key for organisations looking to operate sustainably, but the gap from current to great can be significant. Our experienced team takes our clients on the journey of information and data management maturity including quality, governance and controls. In engaging with the business, we understand your information & data environment and the challenges, risks and opportunities that need to be addressed to ensure your dashboard reports can be trusted.

Do we understand our data and information holdings and are our management practices compliant?

Across the full spectrum of data protection and business transformation there is a need for organisations to understand the information and data that they hold, where it is, and how it is managed. Understanding this enables the identification and prioritised protection of critical assets and the possible minimisation of information and data holdings to minimise the risk of data breach. These activities also support broader regulatory and legislative compliance requirements, such as privacy management.

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