• Our approach

    We’re available whenever you need us.


Our approach

We provide the following services to our Private Wealth clients:

  • Regular review program
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Quarterly portfolio reviews
  • Educational workshops
  • Market update seminars
  • Access to tax, business valuation and business development specialists
  • Access to estate planning specialists.

We’re available whenever you need us, and even when you don’t, we’re working in the background to ensure your best interests are taken care of. We regularly review your plans, your position, the financial markets and regulatory changes so we can effectively respond to any changes as needed.

Our consultative approach is designed to:

  • Obtain a joint understanding of your financial, personal and lifestyle goals
  • Define your current position in terms that ‘make sense’ to you
  • Provide a clear idea of the path you are on by interpreting the figures into meaningful outcomes
  • Develop strategies for consideration and discussion prior to agreeing on a course of action
  • Regularly monitor your goals and whether the path you follow remains suitable.