• Coronavirus (COVID-19)

BDO in Australia's response to COVID-19

BDO in Australia’s current precautionary measures and protocols include*:

  • We are focused on continuity of our services and advisory, and helping our business clients and individuals to navigate through this challenging situation
  • BDO is continually monitoring possible impacts on our business and further refining our plans to ensure that there is minimal risk to the provision of our business and individuals’ services over the coming months
  • BDO has long been committed to a flexible workplace, and we have the technological, cultural and operational infrastructure to enable all staff to work from home or another location
  • While some BDO offices remain open with key personnel, we also have most of our teams working from home
  • In line with social distancing, BDO has cancelled, postponed or moved all events to a virtual setting, such as webinars or video conferencing
  • We have asked that our staff, clients and guests follow the advice of the Australian Government regarding slowing the spread of COVID-19 and self-isolation
  • All domestic and international business travel has been suspended until further notice
  • While working remotely, we are committed to maintaining our high-quality client service levels and operating in a business-as-usual manner
  • BDO wishes you, your family and colleagues well during this difficult time.

For more information, please contact your local BDO Partner or local office.

*This information is subject to change without notice

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