• Realise - Succeeding in the new reality


Succeeding in the new reality and planning for the longer term. How to look forward to realising the future benefits of sensible business decisions taken calmly and pragmatically.

COVID-19 Rethink

REALISE - Applying the learnings from REACT and RESILIENCE activities and continuing to adapt. Successfully adapting to new business models and ways of working to address essential and obligatory political, economic, socio-cultural, and technological changes.

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COVID-19 Realise

Leadership for the ‘New Reality’ – It’s #TIMETOLEAD

As this new economic reality starts to take hold, a high level of strategic reflection remains crucial for businesses to remain resilient and forward-looking. Now, more than ever, leaders need to demonstrate this resilience as we realise our new reality.  It is not just about responding effectively in this time of crisis, but also about recovering and thriving throughout it and into the future. 

Welcome to #TIMETOLEAD, a new leadership series from BDO – positioned for Australia by our Australian leaders.

In the final of our series, Adelaide Office Managing Partner, Rudy Pieck and National Leader Business Services, Matt Laming introduce the topic of ‘Maintaining digital acceleration’.

COVID-19 has fast-tracked digital transformation in almost all businesses. But it’s more than just changing technology - what about the behavioural aspects? How do we avoid reverting to pre-pandemic habits and how can companies solidify recent changes and new digital technologies?

Rudy and Matt define digital transformation and discuss how it will continue to impact Australian businesses as we settle into our new reality of increased reliance on technology, working remotely, and servicing customers.

The video positions the Global Podcast of the same name where Global Head of IT, Belinda Thompson and Global Head of Business Development & Marketing, Allan Evans, talk about digital and behavioural acceleration and the role of the organisation’s staff, leaders and its clients to find the right blend.

In the fourth of our series, Perth Office Managing Partner, Peter Toll and Global Head of Natural Resources and Partner, Corporate Finance, Sherif Andrawes introduce the topic of ‘Building a sustainable business’.

Despite the challenging times, organisations that will continue to be successful will be those that keep their eyes on the longer-term issues such as building sustainability into their businesses.

Peter and Sherif explore what Australian organisations need to consider to achieve sustainable business and emphasise that now, more than ever, in addition to managing our new reality, sustainability should remain on the agenda. 

The video introduces the Global Podcast of the same name where BDO’s regional CEO EMEA, Trond-Morten Lindberg discusses how it is no longer enough to talk about sustainability or include the topic in a mere glossy report. It is now time to act and move the issues of sustainability from the fringes to the heart of business.

In the third of our series, Chief Executive Partner, Tony Schiffmann, and Melbourne Office Managing Partner, David Garvey, introduce the topic of ‘Globalisation and the mid-market’.

Tony and David discuss the challenges for Australian mid-market leaders, impacts on supply chains resulting from the ‘slobilisation’ of global trade, and the emerging opportunities for the entrepreneurial and agile mid-market.

The video positions the Global Podcast of the same name where BDO’s Global COO, Anders Heede and Global Head of Regulatory & Public Policy, Noel Clehane, discuss the transition global trade is going through, question if the rules of globalisation will be rewritten and the impact of globalisation on the mid-market.

In the second of our series, Chief Executive Partner, Tony Schiffmann and Sydney Office Managing Partner, Grant Saxon, introduce the topic of ‘Over the horizon’.

Tony and Grant discuss the economic landscape and how businesses will need to look after the crisis. With so much uncertainty, will businesses re-open and jobs bounce back? What are some of the important lessons from the crisis and what can business leaders do to cope with the unexpected?   

The video provides a segue to the BDO Global Podcast of the same name where BDO UK Managing Partner, Paul Eagland, talks about how the economic landscape and businesses will need to look after the crisis.

In our opening video, Chief Executive Partner, Tony Schiffmann and Brisbane Office Managing Partner, Steven Sorbello introduce the topic of ‘Leadership in the emerging future’.

Tony and Steven provide Australian commentary to position the BDO Global Podcast of the same name where Global CEO, Keith Farlinger looks back at the crisis and considers the right behaviours to lead in these complex times where innovation, agility, sustainability, diversity, corporate performance and client service is so important. 

Time To Lead Podcasts

Global podcast - Building a sustainable business

If you would like to explore this topic in more detail, listen to our global podcast which takes a deeper dive into the crisis and moves the issues of sustainability from the fringes to the heart of business. 


  • Maintaining digital acceleration.
  • Globalisation and the mid-market
  • Over the horizon
  • Leadership and the emerging future.