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    Is your manufacturing business resilient?


Manufacturing Resilience Review

Is your manufacturing business resilient? BDO is proud to release a resilience review to help assess your key risks and their potential impact on your manufacturing business.

Manufacturers all around the world are taking stock of recent challenges and opportunities to future proof their operations. In Australia, manufacturing is a key part of the Federal Government’s investment strategy to help build Australia’s competitive strength, and support our economic recovery and growth over the next five years. With a raft of initiatives, grants and incentives on offer, manufacturers on the whole are well-placed to thrive.

Despite the optimistic outlook, we know that each business faces different risks. So we’ve launched the Manufacturing Resilience Review to help you:

  1. Better assess the impact of the key risks facing your business
  2. Invite others in/outside your team to participate in the review and share data to reach powerful consensus
  3. Benchmark your business’ risks with other manufacturers.

Participating in the review only takes five to ten minutes.

Drive actionable outcomes for your business

According to a report released by the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre^, 87% of Australian manufacturers were small businesses (1-19 employees), with manufacturing business leaders identifying a lack of resources as a major barrier to strategic planning. If you can relate to this, participating in this short review will provide you with insights from both your business and all participants to help you drive actionable outcomes.

If you participate:

  • You will get a copy of your own assessment upon completion of the review, which you can use immediately within your business to drive discussion on risk and resilience.
  • We will also share with you an exclusive early edition of our first ever Manufacturing Resilience Report publication to be released in May.

How to participate

There is an app-based review available now and a desktop review coming soon. If you prefer to complete the desktop review, register to be notified when it is released.

App-based review

The assessment is currently app-based so you’ll need to use your mobile phone, not a PC*. Simply follow the steps below.

1.    Using your mobile phone, click on the button below to launch the Manufacturing Resilience Review that takes place in the 6clicks Risk Review for Teams app.


2.    The link will take you to the App Store to download the 6clicks app.

3.    Sign up using your name and email.

4.    You will be asked for a team name – enter a name that makes sense for this type of assessment within your own organisation.

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5.    You will be taken straight to the Manufacturing Resilience Review.

6.    Follow the app to complete the following:

  • Identify the risks that are relevant to your team and business (swipe right to include the risk in your review, or left to exclude the risk)
  • Assess each risk for likelihood and impact.

And you’re done. Go to the Insights section (bottom-right corner) to get a firmer grasp on the risks that affect your organisation.

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Share with your team

For richer results for your business, you can share the assessment with other members of your team. This will allow you to compare views, reach consensus and make data-driven decisions.

To share go to the Identify section. Make sure you’ve selected ‘Manufacturing Resilience’ (if you have more than one assessment), then click this symbol in the top-right of the screen: .

Once your colleagues have responded, check back in on the Insights to gain a broader understanding of the risks faced by your organisation.

If you have completed the resilience review and would like to discuss anything further, call one of our manufacturing specialists today.

PC-based review

*A PC version is coming soon.

Please leave your details below, and we’ll let you know when it’s available.

^ Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre 2020, Advanced manufacturing, Ten ways to succeed in Australian manufacturing, Insights from peers, the public and AMGC, Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre, viewed 15 February 2021