Oilfield & Mining Services

Oilfield and mining services

Conditions within the natural resources sector are always on the move. In the current climate, companies servicing this sector are being faced with increasing challenges. Shifting regulatory and political landscapes, falling prices and environmental concerns present services companies with enormous pressures. However, as prices fall, competition strengthens. Being on the right side of these opportunities requires careful planning and the right knowledge to make the most of this growth.

How BDO can help

BDO is a leading adviser to the mining services industry across all areas of mine construction, operations and stages of business growth. We have worked with mining service companies and oil and gas service companies for many years, providing tailored business solutions using specialised, relevant, local knowledge gained in Australia and internationally. Our partner-led team understand the many pressures you face and we’re here to help you thrive - wherever you do business throughout the world.

Our multidisciplinary teams deliver tailored, integrated services, drawing on experience in traditional tax and audit, as well as other areas like business strategy, tender risk assessment, supply chain management and asset disposals. We can help you identify and work on reducing costs and improving efficiencies, supporting you through your business journey.

Meet our team

Sherif Andrawes

Sherif Andrawes

Global Head of Natural Resources
National Leader, ESG & Sustainability
Partner, Corporate Finance