Construction & Developer Services

Construction and developer services

The Real Estate and Construction industry is adapting to changing dynamics. Construction companies and developers are facing a host of issues related to financing, changing tax regulations, labour and increased competition.

The industrial construction industry, in particular, is changing rapidly. Energy sector projects, including solar, wind, liquid and natural gas, are having a significant impact on industry dynamics. As the sector continues to rely less on traditional forms of financing, guidance from experienced and forward-looking advisers is more important than ever.

How BDO can help

BDO’s Real Estate and Construction practice provides the knowledge, experience and proactive guidance necessary to overcome these challenges - and find opportunities within them. Beyond traditional audit, tax, and advisory services, BDO also helps companies reposition themselves to capitalise on evolving trends, including sourcing merger and acquisition targets and strategic alliances.

Our network, in Australia and across the world, can help you navigate an increasingly complex and global business landscape.

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