Workforce transformation: People with technology

10 March 2020

Joe Occhino , Associate Director, People Advisory |

Last week, BDO attended the CEDA ‘Workforce transformation: People to technology’ event, discussing the future of work. The event emphasised the importance of building our technology talent now, factoring in policy, education and technology. 

Why should organisations build their technology talent pipeline?  

As technology advances, education and policy are lagging behind, making it more important than ever for organisations to prioritise building their tech talent now.  

Technology is changing the way that we work. As a result, organisations are focussing on building the capability of their current talent through micro-credentials and short training courses. While we need new formal education courses, the time to develop traditional university certified degrees can take several years, in the meantime, the technology continues to advance. Education and policy will always struggle to keep up so we need to move away from people verse technology, but rather people with technology.  

Event speaker Alex Badenoch, Group Executive Transformation at Telstra, explained that as organisations move to increased AI and automation, roles may go, but more likely the roles will change. The key to success will be how people in these roles balance technology with the human element. Telstra is now pipeline planning based on identified human skills that will be in future demand, developing programs that build capability in these professional skill areas.  

Technology advances are most effective in organisations when they are complemented by competent people. The best way that organisations can begin to prepare themselves is to build the skills internally through considering how the work will change.

How can organisations look to fill the tech skills gap?

Looking to government and policy to fill the skills shortage is one approach, but not the only one. Companies need to start considering the skills they have now and the new skills they will need in the future to build their own capacity. 

BDO can assist with your workforce capability and planning

Does your workforce have the capability to handle the future of work changes and deliver on your growth targets? Our experienced advisers can assist with your capability planning and analysis to ensure that your organisation is in the best position for the future.

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