The impact of COVID-19 on Australia's restructuring environment

25 November 2020

Andrew Fielding, National Leader, Business Restructuring |
Andrew Sallway, Partner, Business Restructuring |
Nicholas Martin, Partner, Advisory |
Will Sinclair, Partner, Business Services |

BDO’s National Business Restructuring leader, Andrew Fielding, and Partners Andrew Sallway, William Sinclair and Nicholas Martin discussed:

  • Deferrals, relief, JobKeeper and insolvent trading moratoriums - What are we seeing and hearing from our clients and the market at large?
  • Learnings from key stakeholder groups about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on organisations - Landlords, suppliers, Australian Taxation Office, leadership teams and the workforce
  • The new proposed insolvency law - What do we know so far and what will it mean for banks?
  • What restructuring strategies will be prevalent in 2021 and how will the banks be impacted?

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